Newsom wants

Newsom Wants Californians To Wear 2 Masks; Will Not Follow “Terrible Mistake” Being Made Texas, Florida

“We will be doubling down on mask wearing,” said California Governor Gavin Newsom on Thursday, “not arguing to follow the example of Texas and other states that I think are making a terrible mistake.” It’s the second time this week that Newsom, a Democrat, has ripped the actions of his Republican counterpart Greg Abbott of…

patent wants

Sony patent needs something to be a game controller

Sometimes the first glimpse we get at what future products might look like comes in the form of art from patent drawings. The art seen in patents certainly doesn’t always indicate what the final product will look like, but sometimes it does. A new patent application from Sony has been published with some interesting artwork…

Blasio wants

De Blasio wants garbage collectors, lifeguards to get COVID vaccine

Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday called for the state to expand COVID-19 vaccine eligibility yet again to include city workers like sanitation workers, lifeguards and courtroom employees — as he also demanded more doses for New York City. “I am calling on the state of New York to update eligibility once again,” de Blasio…

Rivers wants

Doc Rivers Wants Michael Jordan Over Kobe Bryant For New NBA Logo

There has been a lot of chatter about the NBA logo being changed to Kobe Bryant from Jerry West. What does it take to be the official logo of the NBA? Well, there is no doubt that Kobe deserves it but Philadelphia 76ers’ head coach, Doc Rivers, isn’t very happy with this idea. He wants……

Kruse wants

Kruse wants court to subpoena Blue Bell; attempts to postpone trial before Nov. 8

The trial date in the United States of America v. Paul Kruse has, for a second time, been postponed. Now it is set for Nov. 8. Pre-trial work in the criminal case is getting interesting. The 66-year old Kruse, Blue Bell’s retired CEO, is charged with six counts of conspiracy and fraud linked to a……

rover wants

This is where NASA wants to send its new rover

NASA’s Mars rover Perseverance landed in the Jezero crater last week after a months-long journey to the Red Planet. The rover has a long life ahead of it on Mars, and NASA scientists want to make sure they look in the most promising places for signs of past life on the planet. An ancient river…

Sadiq wants

Sadiq Khan Needs innovators to support London’s recovery

Sadiq Khan wants innovators to support London’s recovery

Remove wants

Elon Musk wants to eliminate carbon. What is he talking about?

Funded by Tesla’s CEO, XPrize Carbon Removal is a $100 million competition to find solutions that can pull carbon dioxide directly from our atmosphere or oceans.

Republican wants

Iowa Republican Wants to Track Down Pregnant People With ‘Targeted Digital Marketing’

Rep. Sandy Salmon’s bill, which is making its way through the Iowa Legislature, would have the government track people down to try to talk them out of abortions.

chicken wants

A&W Wants To Make Chicken Tender Lovin’ Not Chicken Sandwich War

Nostalgic restaurant chain celebrates Valentine’s Day with sensual suite of offbeat gifts The post A&W Wants To Make Chicken Tender Lovin’ Not Chicken Sandwich War first appeared on