Video wants

The IRS wants you to log into with a video selfie

The IRS will soon require taxpayers to use facial recognition to access their online accounts. Users will need to submit a combination of documents and even a video selfie to, a third-party company, to verify their identity.  Information security blog Krebs on Security drew attention to the plan last week. The additional verification will…

Lennox wants

Ari Lennox Wants to Be Removed From Her Labels: “I Want to Be Free”

Ari Lennox has had some controversy lately, and it seems like it’s getting to her. The Dreamville singer tweeted that she wanted to be dropped from all her labels amidst social media attacking her after a “disrespectful” interview with a South African podcaster. 189 Views Ari Lennox, who is signed to both Dreamville and Interscope…

Everyone wants

Everyone Wants to Be an Entrepreneur

Angela Muhwezi-Hall had a startup idea long before the pandemic—it just never seemed like the right time. She had a steady job at a university, a 401(k), and the ability to take paid time off. Then came March 2020. As the university shut down and Muhwezi-Hall retreated to work from home, she started to think…

Hochul wants

Hochul wants transgender prisoners to have the freedom to choose where they are housed in prison

Transgender prisoners will be allowed to choose which correctional facility to live in under Gov. Kathy Hochul’s plan. Kevin C. Downs New York’s transgender inmates will get to choose where they’re housed based on their gender identity under a policy directive included in Gov. Kathy Hochul’s $216 billion budget plan. The sweeping new policy says…

Trump wants

Trump wants Lisa Murkowski to go. She might be saved by a voting reform.

GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski has never been beloved by Alaska’s conservatives. She lost her state’s Republican primary in 2010, but waged a successful write-in campaign in the general election with support from independents and some Democrats. After she voted to impeach former President Donald Trump for his role in the Jan. 6 invasion of the U.S.…

FedEx wants

FedEx plans to equip cargo aircrafts with anti-missile radars

FedEx jets might soon pack defensive weaponry. NBC News and Reuters report FedEx has asked the Federal Aviation Administration for permission to equip an upcoming fleet of Airbus A321-200 aircraft with an anti-missile laser system. The proposed hardware would disrupt the tracking on heat-seeking missiles by steering infrared laser energy toward the oncoming projectiles. The…

Changes wants

The FCC is looking to make big changes in data breach reporting

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has revealed its plan to change the rules regarding how businesses report both data breaches and data leaks to their customers and the federal government.FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel has put forth a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) that would begin the process of changing the government agency’s rules for notification…

companies wants

FTC wants companies to find Log4j fast. It won’t be so easy

Such issues are likely to disproportionately affect small and medium businesses, he says—and make it nigh-on impossible to fix easily. Sonatype analysis has found that around 30 percent of the consumption of Log4j is from potentially vulnerable versions of the tool. “Some companies haven’t got the message, don’t have the materials, and don’t even know…

Legend wants

Red Sox legend Fred Lynn would like to be on a Netflix series with his former outfield teammates

Boston Red Sox legend Fred Lynn wants in on a Netflix show with his former outfield teammates. The MLB lockout is still in effect and there are no signs of it reaching a conclusion in the near future. So how is MLB Twitter to pass the time with literally no free agency signing moves during…

DARPA wants

DARPA needs Space-BACN to ensure satellite communication works

In the space between satellites, DARPA wants there to be a shared language. The Space-Based Adaptive Communications Node (Space-BACN) is a program designed to place satellites that can talk to other satellites in orbit, overcoming existing design barriers and adapting to the future. It’s the promise of robust infrastructure in space, capable of routing signals…