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These weird lumps of’inflatons’ could be the very first structures in the universe

Home News Shown here, one of the dense clumps of inflatons that emerged during the inflation phase of the Big Bang, in the infant universe. (Image credit: Jens Niemeyer/University of Göttingen) An ultra-high-resolution simulation of a tiny slice of the universe — a million times smaller than a proton — has revealed the very first…

Weird What's

What’s up with this weird green rock on Mars? Perseverance rover is trying to find out.

Home News Science & Astronomy Perseverance’s laser hasn’t yet penetrated the mystery of a strange Martian rock near the rover’s new digs.NASA’s rover is waiting for its companion, the Ingenuity helicopter, to make the first-ever powered flight on another planet. Meanwhile, its instruments targeted a greenish-looking rock on the Red Planet’s surface that has the…

loves Weird

Made For Love’s Creators on Adapting a Uniquely Weird Book to Equally Weird TV

Photo: John P. Johnson/HBO Max I first read Alissa Nutting’s 2017 absurdist sci-fi-satire Made for Love on an airplane, laughing out loud so many times that my seatmates began to suspect me of insanity. I returned to it several times over the years, mostly to try and figure out how she pulled off its freaky…

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Unusual Gaming News, March 2021

by Patrick Day-Childs , posted 1 hour ago / 333 ViewsMarch has been a particularly good month for weird and unusual news; it seemed like every day I looked at the gaming news something odder had happened. I’ll kick things off with probably the weirdest thing I saw this month. Billions of Crabs Could Run…

Science Weird

The Weird Science of Loneliness and Our Brains

Extreme isolation does strange things to the human mind. In late 1964 Josie Laures and Antoine Senni disappeared into two caves in the French Alps as part of an experiment to find out what effect isolation would have on their bodies and minds. When Senni emerged after 126 days in isolation—a record at the time—he…

Tucker Weird

Fox News Adds Weird ‘Tucker Reaction’ Cam to Biden Speech (Video)

President Joe Biden gave a speech during Tucker Carlson’s time slot on Thursday night, and Fox News tried something new, and strange: having a live feed of Tucker’s face throughout, so viewers could enjoy watching him stare blankly into the camera while listening to the president. The “Live Tucker Reaction” inlay  may have been improvised…

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5 weird things NASA’s Perseverance rover is bringing to Mars

When NASA’s Perseverance rover lands on Mars on Feb. 18, it will be bringing five “extras,” from a message to future explorers on Mars to a slice of Martian meteorite.

Vista Weird

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar Is a Weird, Wild Bridesmaids Followup

Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo get their ya-yas out in their new comedy.

That's Weird

That’s Weird: The time performance art left Michael Jordan bleeding and covered in watermelon

There was also a samurai sword involved Don’t ever be an audience volunteer. No good can come of it. Once I was an audience volunteer at some sort of circus. A clown needed someone to ride a unicycle. I was five. Long story short, I cried in front of everyone. But fine, maybe you don’t…

OpenAI's Weird

OpenAI’s DALL-E turns bizarre text to bizarre images

OpenAI is known for developing impressive AI models like GPT-2 and GPT-3, which are capable of writing believable fake news but can also become essential tools in detecting and filtering online misinformation and spam. Previously, they’ve also created bots that can beat human opponents in games like Dota 2, as…