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“We’ll never have true AI without first understanding the brain”

The search for AI has always been about trying to build machines that think—at least in some sense. But the question of how alike artificial and biological intelligence should be has divided opinion for decades. Early efforts to build AI involved decision-making processes and information storage systems that were loosely inspired by the way humans…

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‘Well I Got News For You’: MSNBC’s Claire McCaskill Gives Scathing Rebuke Of Andrew Cuomo’s ‘Misinterpreted’ Comments

‘That wasn’t an apology. That was a rationalization.’

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This is why (and how) we’ll see gaming’s sway span across sectors, regions, and more in 2021.

Gaming will become even more pervasive across all kinds of areas: B2B content, new consumer content, and even the film industry.

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“Confident We’ll Be Stronger” — Daniel Ricciardo Explains Benefits of Postponing Australian GP

With the F1 season fast approaching, drivers are meeting their new teams and getting used to their latest surroundings. Daniel Ricciardo is no different, moving from Renault to midfield rivals McLaren. Recently, the organizers elected to move the Australian GP event to November, owing to quarantine rules. Naturally, the Australian driver would have faced slight…

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This Is How We’ll Vaccinate the World Against COVID-19

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Cures 2.0 could be ‘well on the way’ by spring, say DeGette and Upton

The representatives said they’re optimistic about the legislation’s forward movement, given President-Elect Joe Biden’s support for the 21st Century Cures Act when he was last in the White House.