What's Wisconsin

What’s next for Wisconsin Republicans? Ron Johnson holds the key

Wisconsin Republicans are preparing for life after Donald Trump and, maybe, for life after one of the former president’s staunchest allies, Sen. Ron Johnson.

ahead What's

What’s ahead for people with disabilities in the post-pandemic workplace?

Amsterdam, February 25, 2021 – COVID-19 has wrought havoc on the global economy and the world’s public health systems. People with disabilities are more likely to suffer severe cases of the disease. Experts advocate in this special issue of the Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation that vocational rehabilitation across the major life phases of health, work,…

leaving What's

What Is Leaving Hulu in March 2021?

Everything on Streamer’s Last-Call List

Dozens of movies—including the entire “Austin Powers” trilogy—will leave Hulu at the end of next month.

Going What's

What Is Happening at Google AI?

AI and ML systems have advanced in both sophistication and capability at a staggering rate in recent years. They can now model protein structures based only on the molecule’s amino-acid sequence, create poetry and text on par with human writers — eve…

difference What's

What’s the Difference Between Aukey and Anker (and Does It Matter)?

You found a battery pack on Amazon, but you can’t remember who made it. It was short, started with an A? Aukey? Anker? Something like that. Well, in both cases you could be right. These two companies have frustratingly similar-sounding names, similar product lines, and are similarly known for making inexpensive…Read more…

first What's

What’s new in the very first Android 12 Developer Preview

Lots of hidden features, and hints that the leak from the other day is true.

NASA's What's

What’s next for NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover following its landing success?

Great photos are just around the corner, but it’ll likely be a few months before Perseverance really starts sinking its teeth into its science work.

Passing What's

That Is What’s Passing as’Food’ at Texas Prisons Right Now

Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/HandoutPrisoners are defecating in paper bags and overflowing toilets, there aren’t enough extra blankets to go around, and mess hall kitchens are churning out half-rations of unidentifiable cold food.As a once-in-a-generation snowstorm walloped the Lone Star State this week and led to widespread power outages, prisoners and corrections officers agree:…

secret What's

What is her secret? 6 miles in the snow didn’t stop 90-year-old girl from acquiring a COVID-19 vaccine

Fran Goldman, 90, has been overwhelmed with messages and calls this week from Americans nationwide inspired by her story of determination.

Limbaugh's What's

What is Rush Limbaugh’s media heritage? The radio host left hatred and ugliness in his wake

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh’s wife Kathryn confirmed on his talk show that he died of lung cancer. He leaves behind a legacy of hate.