Redefine What's

How does Redefine Meat 3D-printed plant-based steak taste? Marco Pierre White’s verdict

Late last year, Redefine Meat held simultaneous events in leading European restaurants to launch its plant-based 3D printed steak. What the company calls its New Meat range comprises of plant-based beef and lamb flank cuts, as well as ‘culinary-grade’ ground beef, sausages, premium burgers and lamb kebabs.The products are now available in high-end restaurants in…

benefit What's

What is the benefit of a fourth COVID vaccine?

Once, twice, and now three times, many people in the U.S. have rolled up their sleeves to get vaccinated against COVID-19. But as daily infections break records and hospitals across the country near capacity during the Omicron surge, many people have raised questions about whether they’ll need to get a fourth dose. Some wonder whether…

Khloe What's

What’s Next For “Hurt” Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson

Tristan Thompson has admitted to fathering his third child and apologized to ex Khloe Kardashian. Sources told E! News how she plans to handle the situation going forward.What’s Next for Khloe Kardashian & Tristan Thompson?So, Tristan Thompson issued a public apology to Khloe Kardashian. Her move? Moving on. The basketball player has admitted to parenting a child with Maralee…

PlayStation What's

What is the difference between PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now?

Sony’s PlayStation platform extends beyond the console itself, encompassing multiple services, including PlayStation Now (PS Now) and PlayStation Plus (PS Plus). Both of these services are optional and, because of the naming structure, it can be easy to mix them up. In reality, both are very different from each other, and there’s an easy way…

NASA's What's

’29 days on the edge:’ What’s next for NASA’s newly launched James Webb Space Telescope

Home News Spaceflight NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope separates from its Ariane 5 rocket with the bright blue Earth in the background in this view captured after its launch on Dec. 25, 2021. (Image credit: NASA TV) NASA’s next big space observatory is finally aloft, but it’ll be a while before it starts its highly…

Watch What's

WATCH: Dennis Schroder and Boston Celtics: Trade or Keep?

He likely won’t be back next season – does it make more sense to move him for something now before he walks for free…

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Why are all these shirtsless celebs wearing suits?

It has been warmer than usual in New York this December. As a result, I have witnessed a panoply of peculiarities in this normally frigid month: cargo shorts at the divine Emilio’s Ballato (the horror), a packed Pinkberry (the surprise), and many choosing to dine outdoors instead of in (the logic, if only because of…

Micro What's

What is the difference between HDMI and Mini HDMI?

Kabardins photo/Shutterstock.comThe HDMI standard has established itself as a mainstay of the post-HD digital age. While new versions have arrived and speeds have increased, the connectors have remained the same since their initial introduction. So what’s the difference between standard HDMI, Mini HDMI, and Micro HDMI? What Is HDMI? To understand the different varieties of…

Enterprise What's

Enterprise Tech 2022: What’s Next for IT

Predicting the future got a lot harder in the last two years. A pandemic, supply chain crisis, the economic impact of these events, and a world in political turmoil has turned the world upside down and made it more difficult to predict the future based on recent history. Over the last two years we’ve seen…

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What’s the Spanish meat industry’s beef with Nutri-Score?

The European food industry is waiting with bated breath to hear which harmonised front-of-pack (FOP) labelling scheme will be proposed by the European Commission in the coming year.Will it be France’s Nutri-Score, Italy’s Nutrinform, Sweden’s Keyhole, the UK’s traffic light label, or a new scheme altogether?The jury is still out. And in the meantime, Spain’s…