“We Wonder

‘We will wonder why perishables ever had constant prices in the first place’: AI firm Wasteless on why dynamic pricing is key in the fight against food waste

The company, which expects to be operating in up to 300 stores in Europe by the end of the year, claims the near 40% reduction amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars in additional profits for the average supermarket chain and a significant environmental relief. Food waste can cost an average retail chain more than…

Limited Wonder

Wonder if it is again limited to 7W. M1 can run at 20W if no…

The Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 gets closer to the Apple M1 in the multi-core benchmark, but its score is only 64% of what Apple’s chipset achieves. However, these difference only serves to highlight how powerful the Apple M1 is in short bursts, as the Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 outscores the Snapdragon 8cx by 78% and the Snapdragon 888 by 31%.In short, these scores…

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder Is Permanently Moving To Ghana

The legendary performer says racism motivated the decision.

Wonder Would

Ever Wonder What It Would Be Like to Run a Real-Life Downton Abbey? There’s a Podcast for That

“Yes, you do have to put on your tiara at times, but we’re not floating around with a string of staff hanging onto the tails of our coats. We’re working girls.”

fixed Wonder

Wonder if they mended the real issue, how the power connectors are passed…

Wonder if they fixed the real issue, the way the power connectors are passed through and often get pushed in or broken.

Resizable Wonder

I wonder if there will be Resizable BAR support for your ThinkBook 16p Gen…

I wonder if there will be Resizable BAR support for the ThinkBook 16p Gen 2. Of course I need to know which laptop Ampere GPU the ThinkBook 16p supports and the weight, but the ThinkBook 16p seems like a pretty compelling laptop to buy so far.

Couldn't Wonder

I Couldn’t Help But Wonder: Why Is Samantha Not in the Sex and the City Reboot?

Let’s break down the off-screen drama.

million Wonder

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Adds $3 Million as Weekend Box Office Sinks Back Below $10 Million

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Inc. With the pandemic dragging on and vaccine efforts falling behind schedule, the total domestic weekend box office once again fell below $10 million with “Wonder Woman 1984” leading the charts with $3 million to reach $32.6 million in domestic grosses after its third weekend. Between widespread closures in Europe and…

Actually Wonder

I wonder whether there may actually be some truth to those figures, throughout the…

I wonder if there may actually be some truth to the figures, during the pandemic a lot of people who have been unable to buy/build a new gaming pc have been going down the time honoured route of “stick a gpu in a second hand office pc”. The vast majority of those dell, lenovo etc…

Max's Wonder

HBO Max’s’Wonder Woman 1984′ Viewers helps fast-track a sequel

There’s little doubt that WarnerMedia had high hopes for Wonder Woman 1984’s simultaneous debut on HBO Max and in theaters, and that trust appears to have been well-placed. Warner Bros. is fast-tracking development of Wonder Woman 3 based on both its relative success at the pandemic-struck box office ($16.7 million in the US) and its…