Naughty Dog Might be working on a fantasy Match according to a concept artist

The artist says they're inspired by a "new game"

20 hours ago

Google is working on a fix for Pixel 4A 5G touchscreen woes

The Pixel 4a 5G’s 6.2-inch touchscreen has been acting up for some users. | Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales /…

1 week ago

When Working Out Makes You Sick to Your Stomach: What to Know About Exercise-Induced Nausea

It’s no fun to exercise if you wind up doubled over with gastrointestinal problems.

2 weeks ago

China says still working on details of WHO Covid see after criticism over delays

China said Wednesday it was still negotiating with the World Health Organization the dates and itinerary for a visit by…

2 weeks ago

This maker built a working Batman grappling gun in only a year

If you’ve ever watched a Batman movie or played Just Cause, you’ve probably thought “wow, using a grappling hook would…

3 weeks ago

Zoom is reportedly working on its own email and calendar Solutions

Something to look forward to: Zoom's fast growth has raised the company's ambitions to new heights. Reports indicate they are…

4 weeks ago

This is because Apple was working on its own car. If Tim took…

Of course, there will be some that will wonder why Tim Cook didn’t jump at the chance and missed a…

4 weeks ago

Cruz and Graham functioning to obstruct Biden out of rejoining Paris climate and Iran nuclear deals

In an early example of the opposition and obstruction that President-elect Joe Biden is expected to face from right-wingers in…

4 weeks ago

Researchers working to identify Cyclospora sources

In partnership with the Center for Produce Safety, researchers from the University of Georgia are working on a project to…

1 month ago

Working from home in 25MHz: You Can do worse than a Quadra 700 (even in 2020)

Project Quadra 2020 (or, how I spend my time during a pandemic) — Famously, Apple's Quadra 700 once helped track…

1 month ago