Polluters worst

The worst polluters in the Arctic are not what you think

More and more shipping in the Arctic, including big transport tankers, poses challenges in this remote, pristine environment. Credit: MikhailSS / Shutterstock / NTB More than 600 fishing vessels sail the icy waters of the Arctic. But just over two dozen big tankers are the worst offenders when it comes to air pollution in this…

worst Young

Trae Young’s wake-up call by the Heat forced him to adopt his worst behavior at the worst times

Young settled for way too many 3s, and for the second straight postseason he struggled to make them…

Shootings worst

Road rage shootings see ‘worst year on record’ in 2021

More than 500 people in the U.S. were killed or wounded in road-rage shootings in 2021, the “worst year on record” for gun violence on streets and highways, according to analysis released Monday by Everytown for Gun Safety.It’s unclear what’s causing the rise in violence on the road, but gun-safety advocates suggest pandemic-related stressors and…

Marvel worst

One of the worst Marvel movies ever is blowing up on Netflix

Long before Marvel Studios dominated the box office, other production companies were doing their best to turn Marvel’s comics into successful film franchises. One of the earliest attempts was the Blade trilogy, which preceded X-Men and Spider-Man. The movies weren’t very well-received, but they did help to lay the groundwork for modern comic book movies.…

enemies worst

The 5 Most Evil Enemies in Elden Ring’s Limgrave Region

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Smartphones worst

The 10 Worst Smartphones of All Time

fizkes/Shutterstock We may receive a commission on purchases made from links. Smartphones are incredible inventions that have changed daily life for people the world over. We have seen the widespread adoption of them from the busiest streets in Manhattan to remote and isolated mountain villages. They have opened up opportunities to have information and communication…

performance worst

“Worst Performance Since Gross Was in Charge”

After Tottenham lost in the FA Cup fifth round against Middlesbrough on Tuesday, their fans have reacted on social media. After Tottenham lost in the FA Cup fifth round against Middlesbrough on Tuesday, their fans have reacted on social media. Chris Wilder’s team thoroughly deserved their 1-0 victory after extra-time thanks to a well taken…

thought worst

Just When You Thought Your Worst Days Were Behind You, McDonald’s China Have Dropped A Coriander Sundae

Mmm, I’ll have a sundae covered in goblin snot please. Just when it felt like the world was starting to return to a sense of normality and common decency, some absolute anarchist over at McDonald’s in China has gone and dropped the most heinous ice cream flavour known to man — the coriander sundae. The…

things worst

The 5 Best And 5 Worst Things About Hisense TVs

Hisense We may receive a commission on purchases made from links. As Hisense grows as a television brand, many people have noticed that its prices pale in comparison to TVs with similar technical specs from Samsung and LG. That leads to inevitable speculation about whether the Hisense TVs are of equal quality and dependability. In…

climate worst

Extreme flooding can be caused by storm surge and rain in extreme climates

Hurricanes can cause flooding with intense rainfall or with high winds that send storm surges rushing into coastal communities. Much more rarely, they cause both problems at once.  A study published Thursday in the journal Nature Climate Change by researchers from Princeton University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology suggests that could change in the future because…