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AOC Would Have Cast the Winning Vote for Drug Price Reform

When Representative Kathleen Rice was running for reelection from New York last year, the centrist Democrat’s campaign ads announced that “in times of crisis, you see what really drives someone.” What drove Rice, the ads declared, was a recognition of the necessity of “taking on drug and insurance giants to lower costs.” So when Rice…

Nothing Would

Jake Paul Says He ‘Would Love Nothing More’ Than to Fight UFC’s Jorge Masvidal

Jake Paul has set his sights on the next challenge in his burgeoning boxing career. Paul told ESPN’s

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‘Would Allow China to Have Direct Oil Access’: Antonio Graceffo on Beijing’s Interest in Afghanistan

‘Would Allow China to Have Direct Oil Access’: Antonio Graceffo on Beijing’s Interest in Afghanistan In this episode, we sat down with China economic analyst Dr. Antonio Graceffo. He touched on Beijing’s interest in Afghanistan, what some of those risks are, and how Beijing’s plan of global dominance through the Belt and Road initiative is…

Lizzo Would

Lizzo Says She’s Ghosted ‘People You Would Not Believe’ – But Would Never Ghost Chris Evans (Video)

”I won’t ghost him, I’m waiting for him…“ the singer admitted Andi Ortiz | September 6, 2021 @ 12:26 PM Whenever Chris Evans is ready for Lizzo, Lizzo is ready for Chris Evans. She has no plans of ghosting their budding relationship anytime soon. During an interview with BBC Radio 1, the singer took part…

Unearthing Would

Unearthing the City Grid That Would Have Been in Central Park (2016)

On an overcast day in November, 2014, just before Thanksgiving, two men dug a rather large hole in a lawn in Central Park. They started at seven-thirty in the morning, and by midday the hole was big enough for them both to stand in. As they dug, they filtered excavated soil through a screen. They…

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Panthers Would be Open to Adding a Veteran QB

The Panthers know Sam Darnold will be their starter but bringing in a veteran to help him along the way isn’t necessarily out of play. Author: Publish date: Sep 1, 2021 Matt Rhule said that if the Panthers were to play a game today that PJ Walker would be their backup quarterback to Sam Darnold.…

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‘There Would Be Consequences’: Taliban Warns the West Not to Extend Evacuations

Reports are already emerging of Taliban militants targeting Afghan civilians who aided coalition forces. Photo by Marcus Yam, via Getty Images.The Taliban is warning of “consequences” if the evacuation mission from Afghanistan is prolonged beyond the current August 31 deadline, claiming the agreed date is a “red line” and that any postponement would represent “extending occupation”…

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Where Would We Be Without the New Deal?

What is living and what is dead in the New Deal? July 26, 2021 Find out what a historian thinks about the New Deal, and you will quickly find out what they think about the virtues and failures of the liberal state writ large. For Arthur Schlesinger Jr., how Franklin D. Roosevelt responded to the…

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I Dare You To Take This Hot Guys Vs. Pasta “Would You Rather”

The hardest quiz you’ll ever take. View Entire Post › The post I Dare You To Take This Hot Guys Vs. Pasta “Would You Rather” appeared first on Up News Info.

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NFL Exec Would Take Nick Chubb over Derrick Henry: ‘Best Pure Runner in Football’

An NFL executive said they’d take the Cleveland Browns’ Nick Chubb as their franchise running back over two-time defending rushing champion Derrick Henry of…