celebrates years

Taco Bell Celebrates 60 Years With Its Team Members, Fans and Community

Taco Bell defines the future of Live Más in celebration of its people, its food and its community alongside collaboration with Los Angeles-based streetwear brand Born X Raised on collection and new vegetarian combo Irvine, CA  (  In 1962, Glen Bell opened the first Taco Bell in Downey, California, where he introduced tacos in a…

rocky years

The Rocky Road to This Year’s Oscars

Like a good Hollywood screenplay, each Oscar season has burbling conflict, a colorful cast of characters, and a few plot twists. Take, oh, the Oscars of 1942, which were held two and a half months after Pearl Harbor. With America at war and a spirit of austerity at hand, the Academy decided to scotch its…

prison years

Two men are facing 20 years imprisonment for a $1.1 million NFT rug pulling scam

What just happened? Another day, another NFT scam; this time it’s of the rug pull variety. Two men have been charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering after they made $1.1 million from a non-fungible token project before abandoning it without fulfilling any of the promises they made and leaving buyers with…

Oscars years

The Best Actress Race at This Year’s Oscars is the One to Watch

Last year the Oscars weathered a postponement of the voting window, a change of date, the lack of a host, and a whole new location to accommodate COVID protocols—so you’d think that now, with things (relatively) back to normal, the 2022 ceremony would be smooth sailing for the Academy. Instead, the opposite has been true,…

Teens years

U.S. Teens Get Less Sex Ed Now Than 25 Years Ago

By Robert PreidtHealthDay ReporterTUESDAY, Nov. 9, 2021 (HealthDay News) — Sex Ed — it’s been a staple of public education for decades, but new research shows that only half of American teens are getting instruction that meets minimum standards.”The findings show that most adolescents are not receiving sex education that will enable them to manage…

winner years

LG is a big winner at This Year’s Red Dot Award

Company Earns 25 Awards for Product Design Excellence, Including Three “Best of the Best” Accolades SEOUL – WEBWIRE – Wednesday, March 23, 2022 LG Electronics (LG) has taken home 25 honors from this year’s Red Dot Award, continuing its success at the prestigious annual design awards program. Among the company’s impressive haul were three Best of…

confirms years

NRA confirms ransomware attack last year

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has confirmed it was the subject of a ransomware attack that took place last October, according to a report from Gizmodo. In a filing to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), the organization’s political action committee (PAC), explains the NRA experienced a ransomware attack on October 20th, 2021 that brought its…

Breonna years

Breonna Taylor’s family still needs answers two years later: “We still don’t know what happened”

National “Breonna did not deserve to die the way she did.” People gather at KULA Gallery during an unveiling of a Breonna Taylor painting by artist Charles Rice on March 12 in Louisville. (Joshua Lott/Washington Post photo) By Taylor Killough, Washington Post March 14, 2022 Two years ago, Bianca Austin awoke to news that changed…

After years

Nonprofits are eager to return student volunteers after two years

Washington When the pandemic shut schools two years ago, Scott Losavio faced a problem afflicting students, administrators, and communities everywhere: What happens when all the student volunteers disappear?As service coordinator at Catholic High School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Mr. Losavio helps students fulfill the school’s requirement to perform community service hours. Juniors must do 40…

experiment years

4 Years On, a New Experiment Sees No Sign of ‘Cosmic Dawn’

When hydrogen atoms first formed, they absorbed and then emitted ambient 21-centimeter radiation at equal rates, which made the clouds of hydrogen that filled the primordial universe effectively invisible.Then came cosmic dawn. Ultraviolet radiation from the first stars excited atomic transitions that enabled hydrogen atoms to absorb more 21-centimeter waves than they emitted. Viewed from…