Cassini years

25 years ago, the Cassini Spacecraft set off on a journey to Saturn in October 1997

Animation of Saturn overlaid with false colour representation of the ultraviolet aurora in the northern hemisphere as observed in 2008. (Courtesy of NASA/JPL-CALTECH via AP/Screenshot via The Epoch Times) Launched a quarter of a century ago on 15 October 1997, the Cassini spacecraft spent 13 years exploring Saturn. The only spacecraft to ever orbit Saturn,…

Dysentery years

You Died of Dysentery: 50 Years of Traveling The Oregon Trail

Illustration: Angelica AlzonaIn 1991, I pulled a chair up to an Apple II in my first-grade class and inserted a floppy disk with a faded, fraying label: The Oregon Trail.I didn’t know how to play. I didn’t even know what an Oregon Trail was. Still, I was instantly hooked—and I wasn’t alone. My classmates and…

Appetizers years

15 New Year’s Eve Appetizers You Can Make With 5 or Fewer Ingredients

You don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen to make New Year’s Eve appetizers that are delicious, festive, and perfect for ringing in 2022. In fact, we rounded up 15 New Year’s Eve appetizer recipes that require only five ingredients or less. So you can spend less time prepping food and more time prepping…

Spent years

This man spent five years creating the world record domino robot

Mark Rober, the former NASA engineer who builds all those package thief glitter bombs, spent 5 years building this robot that sets up dominoes. Not only does it set up dominoes, but it sets up, like, a lot of them. Apparently a world record amount at 100k over 24 hours. The robot is obviously super…

After years

After many years of delays, James Webb’s telescope finally made it into space

After many delays, the biggest space telescope of all time has finally gotten off the ground. The 14,000-pound James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) launched at 7:20 am Eastern on December 25 from the Guiana Space Center in Kourou, French Guiana. You can watch the event unfold here: In development since the late-90s (and technically 14…

Resolutions years

Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

Dear Dave, I thought I was going to get control of my money and make a lot of other positive changes in my life this year, but very few of the things I wanted to accomplish happened. I started strong, and began with serious intentions, but somewhere along the way I lost focus. Can you…

meals years

You can order the best new year’s meals online, from chef-driven brunches to dinners for meat lovers

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, The Hollywood Reporter may receive an affiliate commission. Note that prices and deals are accurate as of press time but may be subject to change. The 2021 finish line is on the horizon. After spending the last few months of…

billion years

30 years and $10 billion later, the James Webb Space Telescope is finally on the launch pad

Home News Spaceflight The fully assembled James Webb Space Telescope. (Image credit: NASA) NASA and the astronomy community have poured $10 billion and more than two decades into just one piece of machinery. Now they are facing the moment of truth.NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, also known as Webb or JWST, is finally in French…

Later years

15 years later, Nick Saban is still the Alabama coach

The year was 2006. The day was December 21. Dolphins coach Nick Saban, amid persistent rumors that: (1) he was done with the NFL; and (2) he was bound for Alabama, Saban repeatedly insisted at a press conference that he won’t heading back to college football…

Auroras years

41,000 years ago, auroras blazed near the equator

Home News Earth is surrounded by a giant magnetic bubble called the magnetosphere, which is part of a dynamic, interconnected system that responds to solar, planetary and interstellar conditions. (Image credit: NASA) If you want to be dazzled by a spectacular northern lights display, your best bet is to skywatch near the North Pole. But…