Clerky Hiring

Clerky is looking for senior full-stack developers (Ruby on Rails).

Help fix the legal industry!The way legal paperwork gets done is filled with inefficiencies, which leads to ridiculously high legal fees.  We fix this by building software that automates and streamlines the process.We’re profitable and growing sustainably.  We’re the most popular way for high-growth technology startups to form, and are also used by tons of…

Help fix the legal industry!

The way that legal paperwork is done is filled inefficiencies which results in ridiculously high legal costs. This is why we created software to automate and streamline the process. We are profitable and continue to grow. We are the best way to start high-growth tech startups. Many top-tier startups use our services for fundraising and hiring. Our software is superior to any other online legal service. We have made significant investments in architecture, maintenance, and testing. This gives us an advantage over other online legal services as we create functionality that founders and lawyers can only dream about.

We are a leader in the legal technology industry. If you’re interested in changing the legal sector, this is the place to be.

Notes on our stack and process:

    • Our backend is mostly in Ruby on Rails, with very small amounts of Scala and Go as well.
    • Our front-end is mostly in Ember.
    • We use CI extensively for linting, tests, visual diffs, and deployment.
    • We’re not religious about any particular technology — we believe in using the right tool for a given problem.

    This is a great fit if you want to work:

      • … on a complex product, with a ton of engineering challenges
      • … in a company that stron

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