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Clippers’ Paul George is out with a torn ligament right elbow

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Paul George has a torn ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow and will be out up to a month.The Los Angeles Clippers announced George’s injury Saturday. He will rest and be re-evaluated in three to four weeks, when next steps will be decided, the team said.George was injured at Portland…

LOS ANGELES, AP — Paul George has a torn ulnar collamal ligament in his right arm and will be out for up to a month.

The Los Angeles Clippers announced George’s injury on Saturday. The team stated that George will rest and will be re-evaluated within three to four weeks. After that, next steps will be determined.

George suffered an injury at Portland on December 6th and missed five consecutive games due to what the team believed was a sprained left elbow. This week, he returned to play against San Antonio & Sacramento.

UCL tears in baseball are more frequent than they are in other sports, and can often result in Tommy John surgery.

George is the Clippers’ leading scorer with a career-high 24.7 point total, 5.5 assists, and two steals per match. He’s second

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