Coronavirus Cases In Texas Top 153K, 4,288 New Cases

The number of new cases of respiratory illness rose by 4,288 on Monday, bringing the historical count to 153,011 across the Lone Star State.
The number of new cases of respiratory illness rose by 4,288 on Monday, bringing the historical count to 153,011 across the Lone Star State. (Shutterstock)

AUSTIN, TX — The number of cases of the coronavirus in Texas rose by 4,288 on Monday, bringing the historical illness count to 153,011. Health officials also revealed that ten more people died of the respiratory illness over the past 24 hours, raising the fatality rate to 2,403.

The latest data are found on a Texas Department of State Health Services statistical dashboard that is updated daily. The dashboard also shows there are 5,913 hospitalizations statewide — marking the 16th straight day for record hospitalizations — and an estimated 69,273 active cases. Some 81,335 patients have recovered from the illness, according to the data.

Since the onset of illness across Texas, the data show there have been 2,061,929 tests taken to screen for the virus — a number that includes both viral and antibody testing. Until recently, the state co-mingled both types of testing under a single total count, backing off the practice after backlash from health experts critical of the resulting inflated testing number.

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As of Monday, the dashboard shows 1,819,189 viral tests have been conducted along with 187,535 antibody tests in a state of more than 28 million people.

Texas is in the bottom ten in terms of testing across the U.S. in a John Hopkins University of Medicine comparison that includes all 50 states and Puerto Rico. According to the tabulation, Texas has conducted 6,002 per 100,000 population, putting in atop the bottom ten list for such screenings.

At the direction of Gov. Greg Abbott, Texas was the second state to reopen its coronavirus-stalled economy — one week after Georgia launched a similar effort — with the first round of opening including restaurants, malls and movie theaters opening on May 1. Since then, Abbott has directed virtually all other businesses and activities to reignite.

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But as coronavirus increased exponentially across the state, Abbott ordered bars to close again last Friday. The same day, he ordered a halt to rafting and tubing operations in attempts to stem the growing tide of illness. The day before, Abbott paused his economic reopening — which, at this point, amounted to allowing businesses to operate at full capacity. And for the second time since the onset of respiratory illness in Texas, the governor also issued a prohibition on all elective surgeries for the second time this year as a way to ensure hospital space for a potential surge in coronavirus patients.

According to the state dashboard, the counties that have reported the greatest number of coronavirus cases are:

  • Harris County: 29,276 cases, an increase of 113 from the previous day.
  • Dallas County: 20,165 cases, an increase of 570 from the previous day.
  • Tarrant County: 11,476 cases, an increase of 393.
  • Bexar County: 10,147 cases, an increase of 495.
  • Travis County: 8,461 cases, an increase of 636.
  • El Paso County: 5, 745 cases, an increase of 131.
  • Fort Bend County: 3,716 cases, unchanged.
  • Hidalgo County: 3,294 cases, an increase of 402.
  • Galveston County: 2,923 cases, an increase of 102.
  • Potter County: 2,858 cases, unchanged.
  • Collin County: 2,763 cases, an increase from 92.
  • Denton County: 2,670 cases, an increase of 40.

The counties with the highest number of active cases as of Monday are:

  • Harris County: 18,666 cases.
  • Dallas County: 6,531 cases.
  • Bexar County: 6,395 cases.
  • Tarrant County: 5,817 cases.
  • Fort Bend County: 2,365 cases.
  • Hays County: 2,045 cases.
  • Travis County: 1,982 cases.
  • Galveston County: 1,968 cases.
  • El Paso County: 1,802 cases.
  • Hidalgo County: 1,789 cases.
  • Denton County: 1,469 cases.
  • Nueces County: 1,453 cases.
  • Brazoria County: 1,301 cases.

Of the 2,403 deaths from coronavirus occurring so far, the most fatalities have emerged from the following counties:

  • Harris: 371.
  • Dallas: 352.
  • Tarrant: 225.
  • El Paso: 128.
  • Travis: 117.
  • Bexar: 109.
  • Cameron: 55.
  • Fort Bend: 53.
  • Lubbock: 51.
  • Collin: 42.

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