Coronavirus: Concerns over Iran, Italy restrictions and hotel lockdown

On the edge of Italy’s coronavirus lockdownBBC1:08 Related Video and AudioVideo 34 secondsVideo 34 seconds0:34Video 3 minutes 31 secondsVideo 3 minutes 31 seconds3:31Video 2 minutes 8 secondsVideo 2 minutes 8 seconds2:08Video 45 secondsVideo 45 seconds0:45Video 2 minutes 6 secondsVideo 2 minutes 6 seconds2:06Video 2 minutes 44 secondsVideo 2 minutes 44 seconds2:44RTLGot a TV Licence?You need…

On the edge of Italy’s coronavirus lockdownBBC1: 08 Related Video and AudioVideo 34 secondsVideo 34 seconds0: 34Video 3 minutes 31 secondsVideo 3 minutes 31 seconds3: 31Video 2 minutes 8 secondsVideo 2 minutes 8 seconds2: 08Video 45 secondsVideo 45 seconds0: 45Video 2 minutes 6 secondsVideo 2 minutes 6 seconds2: 06Video 2 minutes 44 secondsVideo 2 minutes 44 seconds2: 44RTLGot a TV Licence?You need one to watch live TV on any channel or device, and BBC programmes on iPlayer. It’s the law.Find out moreLive ReportingBy Sophie Williams and Emma OwenAll times stated are UKPosted at 14: 0914: 09What’s happened so far today?If you’re just joining us and want to catch up, here’s a summary of today’s developments:
Iran’s deputy health minister has tested positive for coronavirus and is self-isolating

Italy has discovered its first case outside of the quarantined area in the north of the country

Guests at a hotel in Tenerife have been told they’ll need to stay inside the complex while further tests are carried out on a patient there

Austria and Croatia have recorded their first cases

An Iraqi family of four – recently returned from Iran – have tested positive for the virus
Posted at 13: 5413: 54’My wife thinks I won’t return from trip because of coronavirus’GETTY IMAGESCopyright: GETTY IMAGESWith new cases of the coronavirus being diagnosed around the world, it’s hard to predict where it will pop up next.The disease has already become a nightmare for travellers and the tourism industry.Mike from West Yorkshire, England, told the BBC that he has prepared for his trip to watch a test match in Sri Lanka next month by buying hand gels and a surgical mask.”My flight goes through Dubai, which could be a bit of a hotspot as it’s such a large airport,” he said.”I’m concerned, but my wife is paranoid. She’s telling me I won’t come back!”Mike has paid several thousand pounds for the nine-day trip, but is reluctant to cancel.”I’m feeling hopeful. The England team are still going, and in terms of the number of cases, I’m probably safer there than I am here.”Posted at 13: 5013: 50Conflict between religion and science shows in IranBy Rana Rahimpour, BBC PersianAFPCopyright: AFPThe reports that we are receiving from cities around Iran
suggest that the numbers of cases is actually much higher than the Iranian
authorities are giving.Unlike in Italy, Iranian officials are refusing to impose
quarantines in areas affected by the outbreak. They say quarantines are
old-fashioned and that they do not believe in them.The Shia shrines in the cities of Qom and Mashhad are still
open, despite Qom being a hotbed of the virus.There are grand ayatollahs in Qom who believe that its shrine,
which attracts millions of pilgrims from around the world, and its important
seminary, which hosts many foreign religious students, are the pride of the
Shia world.Shutting them down
would be a huge step for the clerics and not one that they would be likely to take
unless they come under international pressure.We
can see the clear conflict between religious fundamentalism and science.Iran
also lacks the medical equipment it needs to help contain the outbreak. It has
run out of masks and does not have enough testing kits.A
number of medical workers have also been infected, so there is a worry that
they will soon run out of doctors and nurses to attend to those with the
majority of Iranians are extremely worried.Posted at 13: 4213: 42Tenerife hotel must wait for second coronavirus testBBCCopyright: BBCGuests at the hotel where an Italian man diagnosed with coronavirus was staying will remain in lockdown until a second test conclusively
confirms the infection, a Spanish government spokeswoman has said.”For the time being, the guests will stay at the hotel until
this second test and, depending on the results, appropriate
health measures will be taken,” Maria Jesus Montero said.She added that the wife of the man has been kept in
isolation and is being tested for the virus too.Posted at 13: 2813: 28UK school shuts over virus fearsA school in Chester has closed after staff and pupils returned from a skiing trip to a coronavirus-hit region of Italy.Headteacher of Cransley School in Northwich, Richard Pollock, said some pupils who had been on the trip to the Alpine region of Bormio were “showing flu-like symptoms”.Read more here.Meanwhile some staff and pupils at a school in Huddersfield have been sent home and told to go into self-isolation after also returning from a skiing trip in northern Italy.The group – 19 pupils and four members of staff – from Salendine Nook High School Academy returned from their trip via Milan airport on Saturday.Posted at 13: 2713: 27Fears grow in Afghanistan despite travel restrictionsSecunder KermaniPakistan & Afghanistan CorrespondentAFPCopyright: AFPIn Afghanistan, concerns are growing about the possible spread of coronavirus across the border from Iran, where at least 15 people have died. There has been one confirmed case in the western Afghan city of Herat, and tests are being carried out on seven other people showing possible signs of the disease. Religious pilgrims and migrant workers from Afghanistan frequently travel across the border to Iran. The Herat patient had recently returned from the Iranian city of Qom – a holy site for Shia Muslims – and the apparent centre of the outbreak in the countr
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