Corsair iCUE H150i Elite Capellix Review

Manufacturer: Corsair

UK label (as reviewed): MSRP £179.99 (inc. VAT)

US label (as reviewed): MSRP $179.99 (exc. tax)

Corsair has been a driving force in the lend a hand of all-in-one liquid coolers for over a decade now, and its early steps in the RGB Everything pattern have arguably paid off, because it now has a truly wide fluctuate of RGB-enabled hardware all able to being synchronised via iCUE, which has developed exact into a tight bit of instrument. On the present time, that alter of hardware will get a minute bit wider with the introduction of yet one other family of Corsair all-in-one coolers.

The iCUE Elite Capellix comes in 240mm (H100i), 280mm (H115i), and 360mm (H150i) flavours, and we have the latter in for review. It enters the market as Corsair’s unique flagship with prices to compare:

Product (Radiator Size)

Pro RGB RGB Platinum RGB Platinum SE RGB Pro XT iCUE Elite Capellix
H100i (240mm) ~£100 ~£125 ~£140 ~£115 MSRP £150
H115i (280mm) ~£120 ~£140 N/A ~£133 MSRP £160
H150i (360mm) ~£155 N/A N/A ~£153 MSRP £180

It’s a ridiculous product catalogue at this point, and our working out is that all of the above coolers will continue to be equipped, this capacity that users will now have as a lot as five variations of the H100i to desire from. To abet tease out the diversifications, we’ve build collectively this desk:

Product Household Pro RGB RGB Platinum RGB Platinum SE iCUE RGB Pro XT iCUE Elite Capellix
Delivery Q1 2018 Q4 2018 Q1 2019 Q1 2020 Q3 2020
Radiators (mm) 240/280/360 240/280 240 240/280/360 240/280/360
Pump OEM Asetek (Gen 6) CoolIT CoolIT CoolIT CoolIT
RGB Pump Pump, followers Pump, followers Pump Pump (Capellix), followers
Fans ML ML RGB (4 LEDs) ML RGB (4 LEDs) ML ML RGB (8 LEDs)
iCUE Sure Sure Sure Sure Sure
Commander Core No No No No Sure

As effectively as being the first Corsair AIO in 360mm layout with RGB on both the pump and followers (that surprised us too), the Elite Capellix is extremely powerful a feature-focussed originate. The CoolIT platform is carried over from the RGB Platinum and iCUE RGB Pro XT, with Corsair confirming that the pump chamber, coldplate, and fluid waft originate live unchanged. The pump lope and fan curves are newly tweaked to be extra efficiency oriented, nonetheless we’re not looking ahead to anything else unique when it involves cooling capabilities.

The unique components are all linked to RGB and ecosystem growth. The main commerce is a pump head that now contains Capellix LEDs. Co-developed with Primax, these are brighter, smaller, and extra efficient RGB LEDs. While they’ve been extinct in other locations in Corsair’s product stack, on the present time marks their debut in the all-in-one liquid cooler residence. There are 33 stuffed into the pump head (extra than double the outdated quantity), and the head consequence’s extraordinarily intellectual lights with serene colour transitions and an overall magnificent carry out. The inclusion of an different pump cap is a nice touch given the aim market, and though the equipped plastic Allen secret’s flimsy it real about does the job and prevents overtightening.

You furthermore mght win a brand unique iCUE Commander Core bundled in the box. This helps you to leverage the iCUE instrument to manipulate the pump lope, fan lope, and the RGB lights. While that in itself is nothing unique for Corsair AIOs, the Commander Core has six fan headers and 6 RGB connectors, thus granting you expandability. Its originate is inelegant and low-label feeling, nonetheless it completely’s functional by nature and intended to be hidden from witness, so keeping charges down here makes some sense. What’s extra disturbing is that it has no magnets, so you’re forced to make assert of the included 3M tape to stay it in set up – not ideally suited while you happen to tinker continuously and would possibly maybe well must reposition issues.

The Commander Core is powered by a SATA 12V connector and runs knowledge over a mature USB 2.0 header. One aspect has a financial institution of six four-pin fan headers, and various fan curves would possibly maybe well be utilized to various followers.

The opposite aspect has a row of six addressable RGB connectors, and these have four pins as a change of the identical outdated three. Right here’s thanks to an additional knowledge label pin (knowledge in and knowledge out), which helps with timing extra complex effects that cross from one fan to the next, let’s impart. The connector for these just isn’t basically proprietary – it’s real not all that celebrated. It’s a locking Dupont connector, and Corsair uses both the three-pin and 4-pin variations in its merchandise. Because it’s not proprietary, this implies that custom cables would possibly maybe well be extinct to enable the Commander Core and iCUE to manipulate non-Corsair RGB merchandise. There are some obstacles, and it’s a topic out of doors the scope of this article, nonetheless for those enthusiastic such cables carry out exist (unofficially, pointless to claim).

The diagram quality of the cooler itself is lawful, and the tubing is in particular nice thanks to its coating and spectacular flexibility – it’s very proof against kinking. The aluminium radiator is 27mm thick on all three forms, making sure case compatibility will be high.

As with the RGB Platinum coolers, Corsair deploys its ML RGB PWM followers, which attain with a lope fluctuate of 400~2,400 RPM. That’s a truly wide fluctuate that will give users loads of flexibility on the noise and efficiency scales. Corsair has also doubled the LED depend from four to eight per fan, nonetheless these are identical outdated LEDs somewhat than Capellix ones. The RGB and fan cables are separate, so there’s loads of cabling to residence.

The iCUE H150i Elite Capellix is neatly suited with all in fashion sockets including Intel LGA 1200/115x and AMD AM4 for mainstream CPUs and Intel LGA 20xx and AMD sTR4/sTRX4 for the high-stop desktop CPU crowd. The mounting mechanism for these stays unchanged, and here’s a lawful instruct. In every case it’s very hasty and straightforward to win a salvage mount, and Corsair’s how-to video is an real representation of what’s going on. The thermal paste is pre-utilized, nonetheless annoyingly you don’t win any additional in the box, so you’ll must offer your absorb while you happen to ever must remount.

The pump head has two cables coming from it. The larger one ends in a 24-pin connector that you just recede at this time into the Commander Core. The 2d one is a easy three-pin header which that you just might join to the CPU_FAN header to prevent your motherboard from panicking about there not being a CPU cooler linked. Pointless to claim, many motherboards would possibly maybe well be location to avoid this security test anyway, whereby case you can trudge away this cable disconnected and route/mask it as you peek fit.

The iCUE Elite Capellix coolers attain with a tight five-year warranty.

  • Compatibility Intel: LGA 20xx, LGA 1200, LGA 115x; AMD: Socket TR4, Socket TRX4, Socket AM4
  • Radiator dimension 397 x 120 x 27 (W x D x H)

  • Fan(s) 3 x 120mm ML120 RGB PWM, 400~2,400 RPM

  • Fan dimension (mm) 25 x 25 x 120
  • Said noise 10 -36 dB(A) per fan, <20 dB(A) pump

  • Extras Altern

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