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Dr. Birx Admits Trump Administration Has No Idea What Child Virus Transmission/Infection Rate is as They Push to Reopen Schools

By Tommy ChristopherJul 8th, 2020, 1:56 pm As President Donald Trump pushes hard to reopen schools, Dr. Deborah Birx explained to reporters that there isn’t enough data to know the infection or transmission rate of the coronavirus among children. At a White House coronavirus task force briefing Wednesday, there were many questions about the safety…

By Tommy ChristopherJul 8th, 2020, 1: 56 pm

As President Donald Trump drives hard to innovate colleges, Dr. Deborah Birx explained to reporters that there isn’t enough data to be aware of the disease or transmission rate of the coronavirus among kids.

At a White House coronavirus task force briefing Wednesday, there were many questions regarding the protection of reopening colleges, especially for vulnerable educators, parents, and pupils with medical problems.

CDC chief Dr. Robert Redfield tried to silence some of these worries by telling reporters that”we actually don’t have proof that kids are driving the transmission cycle of the ”

However a couple of minutes after, Dr. Birx revealed the defect in Redfield’s assurance when she was asked”What is the infection rate among children and what is the very latest in terms of the way the virus presents from children, how kids transmit the virus to elderly adults… and what is the best practice in terms of testing children?”

Birx spent a few minutes breezily explaining that the government doesn’t understand what the disease or transmission rate is one of kids — many of whom were out of college since the pandemic exploded.

Those are all good questions and I think it actually comes to the evidence base of what do we have as far as testing in kids. So in the event that you look across all the tests that we’ve completed and when we have the age, the part that’s been the cheapest tested portion is your below 10-year-olds. So we’re putting into place approaches to acquire looking at antibody from the discarded samples and analyzing results from them and try to actually figure this out\.

Since parents have done an amazing job of protecting their kids, I think Americans have done a fantastic job in keeping infection rates low in kids in the sheltering time, and keeping infection rates at the moment in this new instances, initially I believe we saw great defense of people with comorbidities.

We are worried now that as cases disperse, that it’s getting to the elderly parents and the grandparents. And I call and \every household get analyzed and protect those in the household\. And we do know that there are kids with vulnerabilities and clearly within the CDC program and Department of Education it’s protecting those children too from getting exposed to the virus because we do know there are children with comorbidities, we know that there are kids in America with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy.

But when you ask that question, the parents have protected their kids, and recall early on we mentioned test in case you have signs, and we understand that if you are under 18, the majority of you don’t have symptoms. And so actually figuring out, also there’s universities working across the nation on a saliva test therefore it would be simple, easier for kids to place saliva in a tube, to essentially, what we call”spitting” into a tube, spitting through a straw to a tube, and looking at that sort of innovation and testing, and what admiral Giraud was working on quite hard is that this antigen based testing and becoming that equipment to the exposed areas like nursing homes assisted living and other areas but also considering the way the school district may use that would make it significantly simpler to test and use spit.

So most of those have been worked on and that is why we’ve been pushing the antigen tests, I know you heard me speak about that in April. Because we think it’s very important to analyzing pupils and analyzing in universities, we are pushing that. But we have, our data is skewed. Initially to individuals with symptoms, and then skewed to adults over 18. And so we’re currently looking very closely into that class by using our antibody tests.

Dr. Birx went on to note that mortality among kids — which does not address transmission to others — has been low, but added”Until we know just how many have been infected, we have no proof that there’s considerable mortality in children without trigger existing ailments.”

Trump has vowed to place “lots of stress” on states to reopen schools, also has even threatened to withhold financing for schools that do not resume in-house courses.

View the clip over via ABC11.

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