Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2022

Color. Sequins. Feathers. Daywear. These are the four main elements of Elie Saab’s pre-fall collection, in the order that they hit me. The designer will present his couture in a couple of weeks, but it’s easy to imagine some of these dresses being worn to the Oscars.There’s a lot of energy in this collection, which…

Color. Sequins. Feathers. Daywear. These are the main components of Elie Saab’s pre-fall collection. I have listed them in the order they appeared to me. In a few weeks, the designer will show his couture. However, it’s easy for some of these dresses to be worn to the Oscars.

This collection has a lot energy. It includes dressy day options and some that are made with menswear fabrics. This is unusual for this label. One standout is a beautiful cashmere coat. Still, it’s the couture-like touches that Saab brought to glamorous dresses that command most of the atte

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