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Flare-X Discusses Emerging Threats in The New AI Era

Flare-X has engineered the change to defend against the malign uses of AI that threaten our economy, national security, and welfare. Press Release – Dec 31, 2021 09:00 CST AMARILLO, Texas, December 31, 2021 ( – A New Year-A new era of Cyber Security is upon us. Unified through a single vision of empowerment, local…

Flare-X created the change to protect against the evil uses of AI that pose a threat to our economy, national security and welfare.

Press Release

Dec 31, 2021 09: 00 CST

December 31, 2021 ( –

Cyber Security is entering a new era.

Unified by a single vision, Flare-X(tm), a local Amarillo business, makes impossible possible.

In the first quarter 2022, FlareX will launch their Real AI Cyber Ecosystem. This platform will help our nation make the necessary changes to protect itself against the evil use of AI. AI threatens our economy and national security as well as our welfare.

The FlareX(tm), Real AI cyber ecosystem, is about to launch. This comes after more than a decade of engineering. Real AI is the next generation in Artificial Intelligence, as it is commonly known.

The FlareX(tm). Real Artificial Intelligence is capable of doing what yesterday’s Artificial Intelligence couldn’t. AI-based systems can assimilate and analyze actual facts and knowledge in order to gain further information. Flare- X(tm), real AI can code software and generate creative content. It can also make ethical decisions, take final decisions, invent, and innovate.

The Flare X(tm), Real AI cyber ecosystem, will provide remarkable benefits across all business functions, solving the most difficult, end-to–end problems and challenging challenges. Most notably is the transformational impact Flare-X’s Real AI will have

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