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Fortnite Season 7 patch notes: alien invasion, Residing llamas, UFOs, and Much more

Patch Notes There is a lot of new content to unpack with Fortnite Season 7 including drivable UFOs, living loot llamas, and cool crossovers. Published 10 mins agoon June 8, 2021 Fortnite Season 7 has finally arrived, and there have been some pretty big changes to the game. From drivable UFOs to living loot llamas,…

Patch Notes

There is a lot of new content to match with Fortnite Season 7 such as drivable UFOs, living loot llamas, and trendy crossovers.


10 mins past


fortnite season 7 aliens screen

Fortnite Season 7 has arrived, and there have been some fairly big changes to the game. From drivable UFOs to residing loot llamas, here are the largest developments to Fortnite Season 7.

We all understood aliens were arriving, but we did not know how big of an impact they would have on Fortnite. After the servers went down Tuesday morning, info miners found just how big this year is. The map may not have changed as much as in previous seasons, but the loot pool and gameplay changes are incredible.

This guide will go over every significant shift from Fortnite v.17. 00. There is a lot to pay so buckle up and make an effort to not have blown away.

fortnite season 7 battle pass

Alien invasion and abductions in Season 7

The theme for this season is Invasion. This name is very fitting seeing as the map has been invaded by hostile aliens. They have brought with them an arsenal of futuristic weapons (which we’ll get to in a moment) along with new hostile NPCs.

Players will see that The Spire has vanished from the middle of the map. This is because it was ruined by the invading aliens. The aliens will also abduct players randomly throughout the game and provide them 15 minutes to loot chest from the giant Mothership that currently floats over the map.

Drivable UFOs and high tech weapons

UFOs are found around the map that players can pilot. Very similar to Choppas, UFOs possess a 100% spawn rate at the locations they are sometimes found. They are sometimes used to reboot players. They also come equipped with a Tractor Beam and a Laser Cannon.

Fortnite season 7 UFOs

There are also a great deal of new weapons introduced to Fortnite Season 7 such as the Rail Gun, Pulse Rifle, Recon Scanner, and Ray Gun. Each one functions as a special weapon that is guaranteed to spice up Fortnite’s gameplay.

Living Loot Llama upgrade

One of the most obscure changes this year is a huge change to the manner Loot Llamas work. Instead of sitting still while gamers either bash them shoot them, Loot Llamas will currently run away from players. They will leak loot as players deal damage to them, and they can also teleport.

Crossovers and future upgrades

As teased in movies by Epic Games before this past week, Fortnite Season 7 features crossovers with Rick & Morty and Superman. Both of these skins can be gotten by buying the Battle Pass. As well, both skins come with their own collections of items.

fortnite season 7 gravity gun

Fortnite also promises that this year will continue to add more weapons and locations over time. The season’s description states,”As the Season progresses and the war escalates, new weaponry will be deployed and the battlefield will be shaken up.”

Patch Notes

The Fortnite v16. 50 patch notes reveal an impending alien invasion coming to the island in the not too distant future.


2 weeks past


May 25, 2021

fortnite patch notes 16.50

The Fortnite v16. 50 patch notes are all listed, and they feature some content that is wild. Fan favorite weapons return, players will shortly be abducted by aliens, and Loki is arriving to Fortnite.

With 16. 50 being the final major upgrade before Season 7, it’s expected to be a fairly big one. Concerning content which players can access immediately, there isn’t too much. But, this update shows a good deal about the ending of Season 6 and the start of Season 7.

Players will start to see minor map changes over the rest 14 times of Season 6. They will also finally have access to this Foreshadowing Challenges which are meant to show some important information concerning the impending alien invasion.

Bug Fixes

  • Player-built structures have decreased visuals in PC performance style
  • Just-added friends erroneously seem offline
  • Moving left in inventory on control skips the ultimate weapon slot
  • “Recent Islands” listing Doesn’t upgrade
  • The sea is imperceptible in the minimap
  • A match not starting when player is currently in a Phone Booth

Dual Pistols & Drum Shotgun are back

Just in time for the Season 6 Week 11 Legendary challenges, Fortnite has added the Dual pistols back in the loot pool. Players will need to deal a certain amount of damage with them to earn XP so it was presumed they would come back with this update. Players can find the Dual Pistols in chests or floor loot.

However, the Legendary variant of this Drum Shotgun was also added during this upgrade, but it is not available at the moment. It will have a cost as though it can be bought in the NPC, but that character isn’t in the game yet. Players should look out for the yield of this Drum Shotgun in the Not Too Distant Future.

Aliens are coming!

The largest content upgrade to emerge from the Fortnite v16. 50 patch notes would be your impending alien abduction. UFOs are coming into the island into teleport players all over the map. As noted at the Foreshadowing Challenges, these aliens will abandon crop circles and could be a significant part of Season 7’s theme.

According to HYPEX, the UFOs will randomly spawn around the map and abduct players. These players will then be teleported somewhere else and have their health and protect restored in the process. While its unknown whether these abductions are not, players will be warned before they are abducted.

A brand new character named Mira are also introduced sometime in the near future and likely are the individual the players communicate with throughout the Foreshadowing struggles. IFireMonkey released newly added dialog that talks more in depth regarding the alien invasion. The dialogue might be hinting at new personalities that will be released in Season 7.

Loki of Asgard coming to Fortnite

Lastly, the shape of Loki in the Marvel Comics world was spotted in the backdrop of a new loading screen. This figure undeniably depicts Loki’s long horned hat and Tesseract scepter. He also appears to be along with a short-haired Thor.

This loading display is the last of this May Crew Pack weekly bonus benefits. It shows Cuddle Team Leader returning to the island using a cybernetic makeover. But she might have attracted Loki and Thor throughout the rift with her. Players will only have to wait until June to determine if Loki makes it into the game.

Patch Notes

Fortnite v16. 40 brings an exciting new LTM, modifications into the exotic/mythic loot pool, and a mysterious island climbing in the sea.


4 weeks ago


May 11, 2021

fortnite 16.40 patch notes

The Fortnite v16. 40 upgrade has arrived and it is brought with it a fresh LTM, retuning exotic/mythic weapons, and also a mysterious island is emerging out of the ocean. Here would be the Fortnite v16. 40 patch notes.

The final update (v16. 30) featured very arousing content involving two mythic bows. Neymar Jr. also joined the struggle together with some insidious quests for unlocking his own makeup. Fortnite patch 16. 40 might not include any legendary superstars to the match, but it does spice up the gameplay a bit.

In Fortnite v16. 40, players can look ahead to some new LTM named Daybreak. This intricate game mode rewards players skilled enough to complete it. As well, the new Marksman Six Shooter has been inserted alongside the exotic Primal AR. Last, the island under Flush Factory has… grown.

Bug Fixes

  • Visual topics on Toon Meowscles and similarly-styled outfits on certain programs
  • Cannot produce system-level parties between PS5 and PS4 when playing Fortnite
  • Trail color of this Harmonic Axes Pickaxe doesn’t always match chosen style
  • Landing in a different location than intended
  • long-pressing the stock button selects first craftable item
  • “Hunt Wildlife” pursuit not tracking progress correctly
  • HUD displaying incorrect memory cost before placing device or Gallery
  • Build not correctly editing when building/editing fast in Creative
  • Prop-O-Matic features not working properly
  • “Recent Islands” list does not upgrade
  • Small white boxes seems on Consumable thumbnails
  • gamers Cannot alter their custom controller settings while playing Nintendo Switch in docked mode

Daybreak LTM

A new LTM called Daybreak has been added which will reward players with a distinctive umbrella following their initial triumph. This normally means the LTM is harder compared to the average sport of Fortnite. Not much is known about the LTM besides it has NPCs that will request the gamers bring helicopter pieces. Players will also fight wolves, ghosts, and marauders.

New Exotic/Mythic Weapons

There are a few changes to this exotic/mythic weapon pool. The Dub exotic shotgun has been taken away and the Marksman Six Shooter has taken its place. Contrary to the Marksman Revolver, this rifle doesn’t highlight opponents who’ve been hit. Instead, the Marksman Six Shooter grants bonus critical harm.

As well, the Spire Guardian’s Primal Assault Rifle was added which is a new mythic weapon. This weapon will be dropped by beating the Spire Assassins who shield both smaller towers around the map. It doesn’t have any distinctive bonuses but prices immense damage.

The island is growing

Last update, eagle-eyed players spotted a little island emerging from the ocean to the south of Flush Factory. This island has since grown double in dimension. Seeing as Fortnite is currently in the middle of a Batman crossover, most players thought that this island could evolve into the Bat Cave.

Howeverthis island is the home of Orella, the feminine Oro skin. Here, players can locate her golden assault rifle that also unlocks a secret skin variant for Lara Croft. As far as the Fortnite v16. 40 patch notes go, these are the most critical additions to the sport.

Patch Notes

The Fortnite v16. 30 patch notes bring several major changes to the Battle Royale. Here’s everything players will need to know about this update.


1 month ago


April 27, 2021

Fortnite Knight of the Food Court

Fortnite v16. 30, the next major Season 6 patch, is still live. This week’s upgrade introduces Neymar Jr., a few Mythic bows, and a few volatile adjustments to the casual and competitive loot pools.

Fortnite’s last major update (v16. 20) included the long-awaited grappler bow along with a new pair of off-road tires. These additions focused on freedom and made travel across the map much easier.

Update v16. 30 focuses more on enhanced firepower and provides Neymar Jr. to the season. Here is everything you need to learn about Fortnite v16. 30.

Bug Fixes

  • Players getting a Quest out of Jonesy The First that does not grant rewards
  • Storm visual effects appearing outside of the Storm
  • “Recent Islands” listing doesn’t update in Creative
  • Flag doesn’t respawn when flag carrier renders game
  • Small white boxes seems on Consumable thumbnails
  • “Allow Spectate Other Team” setting not working
  • The”Bad Clams”/”Destroy Fungus” quest in Scurvy Shoals possess a low spawn objective rate in Save the World.
Fortnite v16.30 Bug Fixes

While most of these bugs may have been fixed, players are already discovering a glaring problem with vehicles which causes them not to leave until they are right alongside them. Hopefully, this problem will probably be resolved soon as it is causing a lot of accidental wrecks.

Neymar Jr.. Skin

The Season 6 secret skin was revealed to be expert footballer Neymar Jr. at the start of the year, and players may finish exceptional challenges to unlock him. Similar to Predator in Season 5, you will find additional challenges that can be done to uncover more Neymar-themed cosmetics.

Fortnite Neymar Skin Release

To unlock Fortnite’s Neymar Jr. skin, you will have to finish five challenges provided by soccer player characters. They are found on the football fields at Pleasant Park, Dirty Docks, and Holly Hedges.

New Mythic Bows

Fortnite v16. 30 also adds two brand new Mythic bows to the spinning of weapons. Players can no longer craft the Mechanical Explosive Bow but can get Raz’s Mythic Explosive Bow by defeating the mini-boss in The Spire. The Unstable Bow Can Be Bought in the Raven NPC located in a mountain northwest of Sweaty Sands.

Raz’s Explosive Bow is equal to the non-mythic variant but deals more damage. The Unstable Bow switches randomly between flame, stink, explosive, and shockwave arrows after every shot.

Fortnite Mythic Bows Unstable Explosive

This update is not as large as v16. 20 in relation to gameplay, but it will add some cool cosmetics to the game. As well, that the reintroduction of the Explosive Bow in aggressive matchmaking may ruffle a few players’ feather.

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