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George Michael’s friend tells what really caused his death

On the five-year anniversary of pop legend George Michael’s death, his childhood friend has spoken out about their time together — and the life-changing loss which he believes is responsible for the singer’s early death.  “George was the love of his life and if he hadn’t died I think George would still be here,” Andros…

On the five-year mark of the death of George Michael, his childhood friend has opened up about their relationship and the life-changing events that he believes led to the singer’s early passing.

“George, his love, was his life. I believe George would still be here if he hadn’t died,” Andros Georgiou told the Mirror the Wham! Anselmo Feleppa, a Brazilian dress designer, was the star’s greatest love.

Feleppa — for whom Michael’s song “Jesus to a Child” is a tribute — died in 1993 after contracting AIDS. He was 33 and a year into his relationship with Michael.

“After Anselmo he didn’t find true love. He had lots of sex with many people, but never found the same kind of relationship with Anselmo,” stated Georgiou.

george michael first love
George Michael in 1985.
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“I saw how happy they were,” added Georgiou who grew up calling Michael his cousin because their families were so close, but fell out ahead of Michael’s Christmas Day death in 2016, at 53. “I believe he was very lost after Anselmo’s death, it hit him hard

Georgiou also recollects Michael having sex with some of the most beautiful women in the world, including women.

“Sometimes George also had a relationship with women. He was bisexual in the beginning. Georgiou told the publication that although he couldn’t identify the woman, he had sex with the most famous model in the world. “There was lots of sex in clubs, both in New York and London. Cloakrooms, and other things. It was great fun. Because George was gay, I was the luckiest pop star because there were many models in line. There were A-list models and A-list pop stars

Georgiou said that he is still grieving for his friend but that the addition of an engraved plaque to Michael’s grave at North London’s Highgate Cemetery has given him some relief.

“I visited George’s grave, and I was pleased to see a plaque with his sister and mum,” he stated. Michael is buried next to his mother, Le

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