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Going Green at Home

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There’s no question that store shelves are changing. Where once a mere handful of choices resided for household products, there are now hundreds (if not thousands) of choices, many of which provide alternative formulas with consumer and environmental safety in mind.

If you’ve been thinking about making the switch to these eco-friendly home brands, there’s no time like the present. Below are just a few options that can help ensure your home—and the planet—is a healthier and happier environment to live, work, and play in.


If you’ve ever strolled through a greenhouse or an arboretum, you know how magical walls made from living materials can be. Aside from providing a dreamlike appearance, these walls also do a whole lot of good: from purifying the air to supplying food. LiveWall is a company dedicated to installing various types of plant walls in commercial and residential settings. It offers both indoor and outdoor installations, and, according to the LiveWall website, can provide benefits such as “easing anxiety, reducing noise, increasing oxygen, and saving energy.”

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Branch Basics

There are a myriad of household-product subscription services on the market, but Branch Basics is doing things a little bit differently. Instead of shipping a box of premixed cleaners, this company ships concentrated solutions and reusable bottl

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