‘Hanna’ Season 2 Episode 3: Marissa’s connection to Carmichael, Clara’s Requirement for home leaves Hanna all Independently

‘Hanna’ Season Two Episode 3 sees Hanna get leery of her ally Marissa Weigler that is only after she learns of her connection to The Meadows manager John Carmichael

                            'Hanna' Season 2 Episode 3: Marissa's connection to Carmichael, Clara's need for home leaves Hanna all alone

Yasmin Monet Prince as Clara and Esme Creed-Miles (Amazon Prime Video)

The third installment of’Hanna’ sees the titular character seeking to determine the place of where The Meadows is situated. She wishes to rescue her friend Clara from the only way she knew how was to investigate Passway and UTRAX’s operatives. She finds out that the employee of Passway has organized for a drop off of implants for trainees of the all-new UTRAX operation. She believes help her find Clara and that after him , will direct her into the location of The Meadows.

Marissa has agreed to help, hesitatingly, and had even arranged to get a passport for Clara as well. Marissa also takes out following the former found out that Hanna was living and that she was the one who had broken into Passway a few days 42, one of those CIA operatives who had been on after Hanna and Carmichael’s citizenship\. However, Marissa continued to lie to Carmichael and even went as far as helping her track\. However, when Hanna and she wait to set off on a ship, a telephone from Carmichael has Marissa measure from her vehicle. 

At this time, Hanna decides to undergo Marissa’s bag since she discovered just how touchy Marissa was roughly Hanna near her bag. She comes across the card that she had been given by Carmichael and she sees the number on the contacts list on Marissa’s car\. This results in Hanna becoming suspicious about Carmichael and so she decides to escape from Marissa. In the process, she even beats Marissa up and leaves her bruised and bloody. \Yet, Marissa does not know why Hanna made a decision to alienate herself from her ally\. 

A still of Mireille Enos as Marissa Weigler in’Hanna’ season two

Hanna leaves Marissa supporting and ends up following the dispatch to the place of The Meadows. She intimidates her passport and Clara and attempts to break in and break Clara free. Nonetheless, what Hanna is unaware of is that the simple fact that UTRAX has managed to convince Clara the best location for her to be in the present time is at The Meadows. She is given a family, an identity, and assured safety\. All this is something that Clara had lived with no years and that is why UTRAX’s lure worked well on her. 

The extra bit of letting Clara read a letter that was written by her mother when she was born ends up shifting Clara’s mind about The Meadows. She has begun to consider it her house and the moment that Hanna appears at Clara she realizes she made a mistake in coming to rescue her. She had believed Clara to be somebody just like her. Someone who tried to escape the fate of becoming a killer, but all of that has changed in that and times renders Hanna shocked. It is then that she is captured by The Meadows’ guards. Hanna in a matter of hours has dropped \her ally and her only friend. 

‘Hanna’ Season 2 premiered on July 3 and most of episodes can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video. 

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