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Here Is how much more gaming you did due to COVID

It’s no surprise that the worldwide outbreak has spurred a huge uptick in gaming, but we finally have an idea of just how much more which might be.According to figures released from Valve, the parent company of online gaming support Steam, subscribers spent some 31.3 billion hours playing PC games in 2020. That is a 50.7-percent increase over the hours spent in 2019. Valve also gained 2.6 million new buyers to the year, a 21.4-percent increase over 2019.  Steam is the biggest online service for PC gaming, and for the majority, it requires you to log into in to play a game. So if you’re looking for a sign of just how much more time people spent mashing keyboards or game controllers, then it is likely an accurate representation.To read this article in full, please click here
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