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How to use a smart espresso maker

Smart coffee makers can be an excellent addition to your home. They’re a lot more affordable than many smart appliances, they’re used every day so app controls are handy, and they make a great fit with routines or voice commands. If you recently got a coffee maker with smart features, our guide will show you…

Smart coffee makers are a great addition to any home. These coffee makers are much more affordable than other smart appliances and can be used daily . App controls are easy , and work well with voice commands or routines. Our guide will help you use your coffee maker’s smart features if you just bought it.

Connect to Wi-Fi

First, you need to make sure your coffeemaker is connected to your home Wi-Fi. Although the steps may vary between models, they are generally similar. Your instruction manual will provide more information.

Step 1: Make sure your Wi-Fi network is up, and your mobile device is updated before you begin.
Connect your smart coffeemaker.

Step 2: Download the accompanying app for your coffeemaker. The information you need to download the app will be in your manual or on an online product page. You may need to create an account in order to log in when you open the app. This part is important.

Step 3: Add your coffee maker as a device in the app. You will see an Add Device or Plus sign on your home screen to add a new device. To continue, select this option. Select the device type (coffeemaker, kitchen appliance, etc.) if necessary. If the app prompts, follow these steps.

Step 4: You will probably be instructed to hold down a particular button on your coffee maker to help connect it to the app. If necessary, do this. Next, the app will ask you to select your Wi-Fi network and enter your password. Wait for the coffee maker’s connection to occur after this.

Step 5: Note: If your new coffee maker focuses primarily on voice assistant technology, it may not have a separate app to log into, in which case you would use these steps with the Alexa or Google Home app, etc. These steps may also be required if your coffee maker supports voice assistants. It’s pretty much the same process.

Use the app to create your settings

You should now be able to use the accompanying app to choose your coffeemaker from the home screen. You should now have access to several settings that will help you use your coffeemaker. Although the options may vary slightly, most should be the same. Let’s look at some of the options available to us!

Step 1: Start or pause brewing. You can start brewing at any time you like, provided you have the right water, filter, and grounds. You are ready to use the coffee maker. You can also control the mode of your coffee maker app, including regular, strong and light pours. You may also see controls for how many cups you’re brewing at once in other coffee makers.

Step 2: Schedule your brewing times. You can also automate your brewing times using an app. This is especially useful if your routine involves getting up at a specific time or knowing that you will always need a cup of coffee when you return home.

Step 3: If your coffeemaker comes with a grinder, you may also have options to start the grinding process whenever you’d like, separate from the brewing process.

Step 4: More advanced coffee makers may also have options for temperature control while brewing. You should also be able choose the temperature of your brew during the process.

Find useful voice commands

As we mentioned, many coffee makers these days come with voice assistant support for Alexa (some also work with Google Assistant, etc.). You will need to download the voice assistant app, connect it to your coffeemaker, and name it something that is easily identifiable. This may include downloading a Skill from the brand for Alexa. Although the process is straightforward, you will find more detailed descriptions in your instruction manual. There are many things you can do once your voice assistant has been connected.

Step 1: Start or pause brewing with voice commands. It can be as easy as saying “Alexa, start making coffee”, and your voice assistant will take care of the rest. This is more convenient than using an app for instant brewing and it saves you time. These commands can be sent to the app via your smartphone or you can use a smart speaker such as the Echo Show.

Step 2: Connect your coffee maker to a routine. Routines can be used to control multiple smart devices simultaneously with one voice command. Morning routines are a great place to add your coffeemaker. A routine such as “Start my Morning” can be used to turn on the lights, brew coffee, update the weather, and set the temperature. Learn more in our guide on how to set up routi

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