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Hyundai reports that it has shifted its engine development to electric vehicles

What just happened? Just before the end of last year, Hyundai reportedly closed all internal combustion engine development and reassigned its engineers to electronic vehicles. Hyundai is the latest in a line of companies and even governments that have announced moves in support of EVs in the last year. Industry sources told The Korea Economic…


What just happened? Hyundai closed down internal combustion engine development just before last year’s end and switched its engineers to electronic cars. Hyundai is just one of many companies and governments to announce support for EVs over the past year.

Industry sources told The Korea Economic Daily that Hyundai closed its combustion engine development and R&D centers. South Korean companies will not be developing new gas-powered vehicles, but they will keep a few engineers on hand to modify existing models.

Hyundai plans to move powertrain engineers into an electrification center, while powertrain performance experts will focus on EV enhancements. The company also created a new battery division that will focus on the design and performance of power cells.

Last August, automated driving systems company Motional announced it would add a Hyundai EV robotaxi to the Lyft app by 2023. Hyundai also unveiled its goal of selling 1.7 million EVs worldwide by 2026.

This shift is in line with other countries and governments’ plans to make EVs more mainstream by the end of this decade. In November, we reported that Xiaomi wishes to produce 300,000 EVs per year starting in 2024, and Volvo plans to move entirely to EVs by 2030. Meanwhi

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