I’m in Cherish With Maille Prosperous Country Dijon Mustard, Partly On story of of Its Name, Mostly On story of It’s Appropriate So Finest

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I’m a little of a Goldilocks when it involves mustard. I’ve continuously most accepted the view of complete grain mustard, but I procure the texture to be slimy and off-placing. I adore the warmth and spreadability of a uniformly comfy Dijon, but typically it’ll also be a little…unnervingly comfy. However Maille Prosperous Country Dijon mustard? It’s juuuuust true: silky and comfortable with true the true ratio of pungent mustard seeds peppered within the route of. You would possibly maybe maybe also potentially originate your have with a 75%-comfy-to-25%-complete-grain ratio, which is maybe precisely what the company does to originate it. However you don’t absorb to! On story of Maille did it for you, and attach it in a jar, and gave it a sick name, and attach it on shelves, and now I’m writing about how superior it is, and you’re reading it.

However, yeah: I mostly adore Prosperous Country on story of…it’s called Prosperous Country, which I’m obvious you’ll agree is a fine unnecessarily legend name for a condiment. It sounds adore the next big Rick Ross album. Or a Keith City–themed Southern waterpark. Or a new bourbon endorsed by a retired expert wrestler. However it absolutely’s now not! It’s mustard. And it’s helped account for for me that I need my condiments to operate more than simply enhance the taste of meals I’m getting ready—I need them to enhance my lifestyles, to spark pleasure on every occasion I pull them out of the fridge. Certainly, on every occasion I attain for my new well-liked mustard, I’m in a position to’t attend but allege the name aloud as if I had been starring in a industrial for it—R-r-r-r-iiiiiiich Coooooountry—and chortle out loud whereas I’m making lunch. (This is seemingly to be the quarantine mind talking, but calm. It’s the little issues, people.)

Anyhoo, this mustard is supreme—precisely what I are looking out out for to perk up a salad dressing, lend some oomph to a turkey sandwich, or attend as a condiment alongside a dinner of sausages and sauerkraut. Candy, salty, sour, and sharp, it’s already secured a coveted scheme in my Desolate tract Island Condiment Hall of Reputation, true up there with Heinz ketchup and Hellmann’s mayo. And whereas I’m obvious that the next time I lumber to the meals market, I’ll potentially procure it surrounded by any different of comparable products, I refuse to accept any change. It’s Prosperous Country—R-r-r-r-iiiiiiich Coooooountry—or nothing for me from here on out.

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