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IPhone 12 Can Ship With New Braided USB-C to Lightning Cable

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 12 models could ship with a new Lightning to USB-C cable that includes a braided fabric design, according to leaked photos from ChargerLAB that surfaced on Weibo today (via Twitter users DuanRui and L0vetodream). The photos depict a USB-C to Lightning cable that has a braided design rather than the standard non-fabric…

Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 12 models could ship with a brand new quad to USB-C cable that includes a braided cloth design, based on leaked photographs from ChargerLAB that surfaced Weibo now (through Twitter users DuanRui and L0vetodream).

The photographs depict a USB-C to Lightning cable that has a braided design rather than the conventional non-fabric design of the current cables. Apple hasn’t published a cable with a braided design for its iPhones or iPads, but it does provide a braided Thunderbolt Pro cable, a black stainless-steel cable that ships with the Mac Pro, and a braided power cable to your HomePod.

Braided cable designs have the potential to be more durable than standard rubber-coated cables, but typically extra reinforcement is included at the end points at which the cable heads have been placed, which isn’t seen here. The cables appear like existing Apple-designed Lightning to cables that are USB-C with the exclusion of the grey and white look.

ChargerLAB, in which the leak originated, has shared precise information on Apple’s cable plans in the past and says that the cable depicted here might come standard with Apple’s ‌iPhone 12‌ lineup. Apple at 2019 included a USB-C to Lightning cable using the higher-end Pro iPhone versions to go alongside a USB-C power port, while the more affordable iPhone 11 came with a standard USB-A to Lightning cable.

ChargerLAB’s testing verifies the cable appears to feature a first Apple-certified Made for ‌iPhone‌ layout, and also the cable steps in at 1. 05 meters, close to the span of Apple’s current 1-meter cables. The cable measures in at 3, If it has to do with thickness. 04mm, which is only a bit thicker than Apple’s present USB-C to Lightning cable.

Use the POWER-Z MF001 MFi tester to see the internal details of this Lightning terminal. From the display, it is possible to see that the wire ASIC and PMU are first, and the terminal version is C94, and the score reaches 100 points. It’s an Apple MFi certified original terminal.

Apple’s USB-C to Lightning wires are used to enable fast charging in compatible iPhones, supplying a 50 percent charge in 30 minutes. The cable was able to fast control an ‌iPhone‌ and also an iPad according to ChargerLAB.

What’s the charging performance of this cable? The editor utilizes an Apple 96W PD charger to control the iPhone 11 Guru Max using a power of 8. 98V 2. 52A 22. 68W, which reaches the utmost strength of this iPhone 11 Pro Max.

In addition to providing quick PD charging to the ‌iPhone, the ‌iPad‌ is also okay. The test charging electricity for the ‌iPad‌ Air3 attained 15. 02V 2. 17A 32. 72W, which reached the maximum power of the ‌iPad‌ Air3.

together with a modular layout, the new wires seem to feature 8 silver contacts with rhodium-plated ruthenium, which is much more resistant to rust, and combined with the braided design, these cables are likely to be able to better withstand damage after prolonged use. A more durable design will be a welcome change to users as there have been complaints through the years concerning the design of Apple’s cables.

Apple’s brand new Stainless USB-C into Lightning cable could be the only accessory which ships with its 2020 iPhones. Multiple rumors have suggested the ‌iPhone 12‌ versions won’t come with a power adapter or even EarPods in the box, allowing Apple to save money and cut down on packaging.

Rather, Apple can sell a new 20W power adapter to a standalone basis, enabling customers to purchase a power adapter separately from Apple or from a third-party manufacturer.

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