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K-State players end threat of boycott over Floyd tweet

K-State players end threat of boycott over Floyd tweet FILE – In this Nov. 16, 2019, file photo, Kansas State head coach Chris Klieman warms up his team before an NCAA college football game against West Virginia in Manhattan, Kan. Kansas State football players say they will boycott all team activities until administrators create a…

K-State players end threat of boycott over Floyd tweet

K-State players end threat of boycott over Floyd tweet

FILE – In this Nov. 16, 2019, file photograph, Kansas State head coach Chris Klieman warms up his group before an NCAA school football match against West Virginia at Manhattan, Kan.. Kansas State soccer players say they will boycott all team activities until administrators produce a policy that would allow a student to be expelled for”openly racist, threatening or disrespectful actions.” The movement that many players announced Saturday on societal media follows a tweet with a student about the passing of George Floyd that prompted outrage\. Late Sunday, June 28, 2020, trainer Chris Klieman tweeted his service:”Racism is NOT welcome at KSTATE now or in the future. … I am excited to help every player mix for the remedy NOW, so that that we can come together stronger than ever. Black Lives Issue”

Orlin Wagner

MANHATTAN, Kan. (AP) — Kansas State soccer players have called off a threatened boycott in response to a insensitive conversation by a student about the passing of George Floyd.

The decision, announced on social media by many gamers, follows moves from the faculty to address diversity issues.

“We appreciate the diligent work of our college and athletics administration as we work through these vital issues,” according to this letter posted on Twitter. “The plans and actions items published Wednesday are great first steps in our goal of beating hate and racism on our campus, and so, we have opted to return to workouts with our team mates.

“However, we know that this process is far from finished, and if it slow or decrease for any reason we’d reevaluate the circumstance and our choices at that time.”

Kansas State players aren’t currently participating in any practices or workouts because team actions were suspended earlier this month after a coronavirus outbreak inside the group. Summer workouts are predicted to restart July 13.

Last week, 1 month after Floyd expired when a snowy Minneapolis police officer pressed against his knee on the Black handcuffed guy’s neck, Kansas State student Jaden McNeil tweeted:”Congratulations to George Floyd on being drug free for an whole month!”

Many soccer players immediately threatened to boycott when the college declined to take action, along with basketball players and other athletes soon joined the drive. On Saturday, the football team issued a formal statement calling university President Richard Myers and other staff to produce meaningful changes .

The faculty responded Wednesday by launching a diversity and education fund. Among other endeavors, Kansas State also promised that athletes, coaches and personnel would experience compulsory diversity and inclusion training which includes monthly town hall sessions; redouble efforts to recruit applicants from diverse backgrounds for staff and coaching positions; use home games to encourage the Dark Lives Issue motion; emphasize Black History Month; and also provide transport to athletes to voting locations on Election Day.

“The university has committed to developing meaningful, measurable action plans with concrete measures,” Myers wrote in an open letter Wednesday. “These proposed measures consider the reality that, as a political entity, we must operate within the law. There have been lots of calls for us to expel a pupil who published racist messages on social media, and while these messages are abhorrent, we can’t violate the law.”

Football coach Chris Klieman, who is entering his second season, stated he encouraged his players and “I’m excited to help every participant unite for the remedy today, so we can come together more powerful than ever. Black lives matter.”


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