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KEF’s New LS60 Wireless Speakers Are an Absolute Triumph

The ultra-slim profile and interior-design-friendly aesthetic belies the power and authority of the performance. In the world of floor-standing speakers they’re tiny, but as we all know, it’s dangerous to underestimate the little guy in a fight.In keeping with the diamond birthday theme, we kick off our listening with 1961 doo-wop sensation “Runaway,” by Del…

The ultra-slim profile and interior-design-friendly aesthetic belies the power and authority of the performance. They are tiny in the world of floor-standing speakers, but it is dangerous to underestimate the power and authority of the speaker.

In keeping with the theme of the diamond birthday, we start our listening with 1961 Doo-wop sensation, “Runaway” by Del Shannon. We’re immediately impressed by the clarity, breadth, and soundstage with Max Crook’s Musitron solo pounding through the mix. The speakers are full of energy and unbridled joy. They might sound like a Labrador dog, but they are more like that friend who is always on the lookout for new and exciting music.

Similarly, if the Tidal Master recording of Elvis Presley’s 1961 chart topper “Are You Lonesome Tonight” doesn’t leave you misty-eyed and wanting to give your nearest and dearest a cuddle, well, you’re simply not human. The LS60 Wireless’ flawless execution puts you at the heart of the recording, enveloping you beautifully, and despite the less-than-demo-room-perfect speaker positioning in this reviewer’s normal living space, the sweet spot was enormous, almost to the point of nonexistence.

John Coltrane’s 1961 recording “My Favorite Things”, also a Tidal Master, highlights the speaker’s ability to quickly unbox a recording. You can focus on Elvin Jones’ drumming, McCoy Tyner’s piano, or simply relax and soak in the beauty of the whole thing.

We were pleasantly surprised at how the slender speakers handled bass, no matter what we tried. You will feel every thud and thwack and wallop. We recommend that you play hours of early ’90s bass drum & bang through them.

Are they really that great? We disagree with this assertion.

First, there were occasional drops in signal strength between the master and slave speakers. The signal would drop for a few seconds from the secondary speaker, even though it was only 3 meters away. This is a possible early software glitch but we think it’s worth flagging.

Secondly, the speakers sound great when pushed but we found this quality to be a bit muted when listening to casual and quieter listen-yourself-think.

We also had issues with volume control via the app or Spotify/TidalConnect. It’s easy to go from quiet reverence to full-on rave with the touchscreen. You can adjust the volume much more accurately if you use a remote control. However, given our propensity to be lazy, it’s either smartphone or nothing.

Is there any competition? What’s the demand in active floor-standing speakers for active music? There’s certain

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