‘Married to Medicine’: Did Jazmin Johnson go too far with her rigorous fitness regime for Kendra Segura?

Kendra finally lost it and told Jazmin sternly:”You’re fired!” In the most recent episode of’Married to Medicine’

                            'Married to Medicine': Did Jazmin Johnson go too far with her rigorous fitness regime for Kendra Segura?

Kendra Segura and Jazmin Johnson (Bravo)

Jazmin Johnson is a fitness fanatic and naturally, needs everyone around her to become fit and healthy, which is not too much to ask but maybe she should reach pause when mentoring others. A few weeks before, Jazmin trashed that which she thought and rummaged through the fridge of Kendra Segura had concealed calories in them. At a party, she \checked the plate of food of Kendra and interrupted her as she travelled for the first bite. Kendra was \finding the monitoring but in tonight’s event, things get out of control. 

They had been riding a bike cart with multiple pedals and seats. Jazmin noticed Kendra had stopped pedaling and urged her to keep up with the speed, as they rode along\. Kendra has been dealing with a lot recently and was preoccupied, and so could not take it. She told Jazmin sternly:”You’re fired!” The reaction might seem fierce but it turned out to be a very long time coming given Kendra was responding to Jazmin’s multiple physical fitness instructions lately\. 

Even Britten Cole and Imani Walker were surprised to see Jazmin go to an intense degree to achieve fitness. After, Jazmin requested the waiter to fill it up with a dessert and offered a cup\. Imani was taken because the cup wouldn’t hold more than a couple of blobs of gelato.  Jazmin carries but she had the explanation for this\. Every time she consumes something sweet, so she checks her blood sugar levels to make sure that she’s in fat-burning mode all of the time. 

Meanwhile, Jazmin has also been having conversations with husband Hobart Leung about her job situation. She has taken up a full-time position but he isn’t pleased about it since it will affect their infant\. Hobart is not contrary to Kendra working. He wants her to take a part-time offer \so that she can take care of both her personal and professional lifestyle. This led to an outrage. Hobart was called out for not being supportive. Let us hope the couple can sort out things .

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