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Megan Fox on ‘magic’ filming with Machine Gun Kelly, dispels Lala Kent rumor over skipped premiere

In her new filmMegan Fox plays an undercover fed investigating, and beating up, a criminally sleazy motel owner played by Colson Baker (aka Machine Gun Kelly).

Somehow this was the love formula for the “Transformers” actress, 35, and the rapper, 31, who met tough but made a lasting connection on the set of “Midnight in the Switchgrass” in March 2020.

Hollywood’s current reigning red carpet PDA-forward couple is going strong more than one year later. But now fans can look at the movie that started it all, even if Fox says it was destiny that lit the fireworks rather than movie drama.

“It was just two people who were primed and supposed to be together. We were meant to meet each other,” says Fox.

Here’s what to know about the couple’s roles in director Randall Emmett’s “Midnight in the Switchgrass” (on digital and theaters Friday), which critics have mowed down with a 9% positive review rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Megan Fox on ‘quiet moments between the scenes’ with MGK

Fox’s undercover FBI agent Rebecca Lombardo accidentally tussles with criminally sleazy alleged sex trafficker Calvin (Baker) in one of his neon-lit motel rooms. He’s not the target of the sting. Lombardo’s FBI partner (Bruce Willis) keeps yelling in her earpiece, “He is not the target!”

But Calvin pulls a knife on Lombardo, who starts throwing the (6-foot-4) malefactor around, an improbable feat.

“He’s a lot bigger than me. He’s like seven feet tall and I’m tiny, so this is not something that’s going to happen in real life,” says the 5-foot-4 Fox. “But it went OK. We didn’t know each other yet, so it was just like two actors doing a fight scene, but with a little added sparkle.”

Adding to that screen bling: Baker’s leopard-print leather pants. It’s not just for Florida motel-owning criminals. “That’s something he would wear to breakfast,” says Fox.

‘Ridiculous’: Megan Fox calls out criticisms of her age difference with Machine Gun Kelly

The two enjoyed some pre-production work on the Puerto Rican set before just two days of filming to get to know each other. 

“It was more of the quiet moments between the scenes where all the magic was happening,” says Fox.

“But the first day I felt crazy. That energy was really overwhelming and super chaotic,” Fox adds. “I was having all these feelings and I wasn’t sure what they were, I just knew something intense was happening.” 

The couple bonded after an intense fight scene

Lombardo finds Calvin again to shake him down for leads on a truck stop serial killer in the couple’s second scene. Lombardo gets Calvin to talk by placing her gun menacingly in Calvin’s face and even in his mouth.

Baker didn’t mind.

“He has a crazy high pain tolerance and he is obviously is pretty reckless, so he’s good to go full-throttle with anything,” says Fox. “There weren’t any concerns.”

At the end of Day 2, Fox says the two got to know each other better chatting in her trailer, “when I brought him to actually talk to him, to get to know him more.” 

After the scene, the film crew shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet Fox and Baker blossomed during the pandemic before their red carpet debut at the November American Music Awards.

Megan Fox shuts down Lala Kent rumor

Fox is remarkably not curious about seeing her “Midnight” screen chemistry with Baker.

“That’s just something we were living in, so much has happened since,” says Fox. “The question of ‘Did we have chemistry onscreen?’ isn’t necessary, because chemistry has gotten us this far.”

Neither Fox, nor Baker, nor Willis attended the “Midnight” premiere in Los Angeles this week. Film representatives sent word for Fox that the missed premiere was due to COVID concerns. 

Following the premiere, some media outlets speculated on alleged shade thrown by model Lala Kent, Emmett’s fiancée, over Fox’s absence. Kent posted a (now-deleted) photo on her Instagram Story perfectly blocking Fox in the movie poster and wrote “So excited for this!” where Fox’s name would have appeared.

Fox didn’t catch the alleged shade (“I don’t see anything ’cause I’m not online”) but doesn’t buy the media hype. “I really like Lala,

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