Microsoft confirms Xbox Series S supports storage expansion cards

That’s important, because unlike the Xbox One and PS4, you won’t be able to expand the console’s storage capacity by plugging any external drive into the USB port. The internal solid-state drive is very fast, and running games from an old hard drive you’ve had stashed away for years would seriously impact the console’s performance. 

So, if you’re worried your Series S will quickly run out of storage given the size of many games, it might come as some comfort to know you can expand that. However, we don’t yet know how expensive Seagate’s cards will be. Equivalent PC drives cost around $200, for what it’s worth.

Elsewhere, Microsoft said the Xbox Series S has a 4 teraflop GPU which delivers around three times the GPU performance of the Xbox One. That confirms long-standing rumors about the GPU, which is significantly less powerful than the 12.15 teraflop one in the Series X.

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