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In recent months, Arizona has been rocked by news that millions of dollars intended to be used to fund half-day kindergarten were instead diverted to private schools. Arizona Governor Doug Hobbs was one of the first to call out this illegal diversion of funds and is now fighting to protect public education and ensure all Arizona students get the education they deserve.

The situation first arose when Hobbs’ offices discovered that a $50 million grant from the state was never allocated to the Arizona State Department of Education. Instead, it was used to fund private schools. This misappropriation of funds has caused outrage among many, and understandably so. It’s not only illegal but also sends an unfavorable message to the public school system; that it’s not worthy of being adequately funded and supported.

Hobbs responded quickly to address the matter, claiming that the misdirection of funds is an egregious example of the previous administration’s disregard for public school students. It’s clear the governor is taking the situation seriously and pushing for the protection of public schools. In pursuing this mission, Hobbs has declared that the grant violated multiple constitutional provisions, such as equal protection, the gift clause, and maintenance of a general and uniform public school system.

It’s encouraging to see that the governor recognizes the importance of investing in public education, and his actions prove it. He’s taking a stand against the misallocation of funds and is adamant about protecting public schools and giving all Arizona students the education they deserve. With Hobbs’ efforts, Arizona parents can rest assured that their children will receive a quality education and that the money won’t be lost to illegal pursuits benefits no one.