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As generations pass and memories fade, it’s incredibly special to have a photo-shoot of an ancestor’s wedding day to look back on and remember the momentous day they committed themselves to each other. Today’s blog post is going to be dedicated to honoring the wonderful weddings of my great-grandparents, grandparents, and Mema and Grandpa Bartoš.

Starting with my great-grandparents, we still have the photo of their wedding day which happened in June 1950. Although the image is slightly faded with time, the moment of my great-grandparents standing together on their wedding day just radiating love and commitment is unforgettable. Even though I have never met them, having this photo helps me feel connected to them and the roots of my family.

My grandparents got married a year later in 1951. The picture of their wedding shows two very young individuals, looking quite dapper and dainty in their formal attire, standing together in front of a white picket fence, smiling in anticipation of each other and what their future together would bring. They were a young couple full of hope and enthusiasm with a commitment to build a life together and have the amazing family that they have today. It’s remarkable to see how far they have come since that photo was taken all those years ago.

Of course, I cannot forget about my Mema and Grandpa Bartoš, who tied the knot in November 1949. Their photo shows a much more traditional and old-fashioned setting with a white bridal gown and black tuxedo. My Mema and Grandpa look absolutely stunning in the photo, and it’s so captivating to see them side by side on the most important day of their lives. What a magical memory to preserve for all of us in the generations that followed!

Looking at these photos of the weddings of my ancestors is incredibly meaningful. Even though I never had the chance to meet them, I can still see their beautiful wedding days and the love they shared for each other. These photos will continue to be passed down through the generations, always reminding us of the importance of love and marriage.