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Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is celebrating this year’s Citizenship Week from May 22nd to May 28th, 2023, which commemorates the welcoming of new Canadians and what it means to be a Canadian. This week, close to 13,000 candidates are confirmed to participate in nearly 100 citizenship ceremonies across the country, and they will officially become Canadian citizens.

This year’s Citizenship Week isn’t just about giving newcomers their official status, it is also an opportunity to appreciate our country on its values and principles. From national parks to our multiculturalism, there is so much that makes Canada special. Throughout the week, IRCC will be engaging with newcomers and citizens alike to discuss the importance of being a Canadian and to recognize the immense contributions newcomers have made to our country.

Becoming a Canadian citizen offers many advantages for new immigrants, such as the ability to vote in elections, obtain passports and gain social services. It also offers peace of mind, as Canadian citizens do not have residency obligations, unlike permanent residents.

Citizenship Week is an important reminder that the diversity and inclusion that make up the fabric of Canada are only possible through the collective efforts of all Canadians. It is a week-long celebration of becoming a part of something larger than oneself, where together we can celebrate one another’s culture and background.

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Let’s take this week to express our pride and appreciation for our new citizens and the many ways that make Canada the great country it is!