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Undeniable” and “Captivated” are the two new creations from Christian Krauter that is receiving praises for bringing a unique style to the genre. Both the tracks have some signature elements that make them stand out in the crowd of EDM music.

The first track titled “Undeniable” blends relaxing piano chords, soulful vocal samples with a deep bassline. Krauter also used his renowned industrial-style sound design within this composition. It’s not only the beats and melodies that make this track quite interesting but also the creative use of vocal samples. He skillfully incorporated vocals and various musical elements to give listeners an unforgettable immersive experience.

The second track “Captivated” is quite different from his last releases. It has a more delicate sound without losing the experimental vibe. This one is made with beautiful strings, a powerful bassline and a touch of jazz. Unlike his other creations which had an intensity that lingers till the end, this one takes the listener on a journey and does it really well.

It seems like Krauter is continuing to explore and refine his sound by trying different musical elements while still remaining true to himself.

Both the tracks are now available on popular digital streaming platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, etc. And with its catchy beats and innovative sound design, these fresh tracks from Christian Krauter is sure to keep the fans entertained.

Christian Krauter is one of the most beloved DJs of Queensland and his continuous endeavors to put unique and appealing content for the fans is making him even more popular. Being one of the fronted runners in the EDM industry, he is definitely setting a trend with his new compositions. Fans are already eagerly awaiting what’s coming next from this talented dj!