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If you’ve ever thought about developing a self-storage or boat and RV storage facility, you know that the process can be overwhelming and complicated. The good news is that Catherine D’Agostino, the founder and owner of Self-Storage Ninjas, can help you figure out all of the details you need to consider in order to create a successful business plan.

Sensei Katherine has 24 years of experience creating and implementing business plans for countless companies. With her help, you can create a feasibility study that ensures maximum occupancy and the highest return. She also provides an operations and construction budget with a pricing model and projections for lease-up, cash flow, and proforma.

When hiring Sensei Katherine to do a feasibility study, you should expect a comprehensive process. First, she reviews your market analysis to prioritize potential projects. Then, she’ll conduct research of existing and future competition, along with traffic patterns and pricing. Through this process, she can provide useful information such as best practices, customer trends, and supply/demand. Finally, her team will offer recommendations and solutions to ensure success.

At the end of the process, Sensei Katherine will provide you with a detailed report that outlines the project’s feasibility and profitability. She’ll also help you identify your strongest markets and growth areas, as well as provide you with a realistic plan for the development of your storage facility.

Overall, if you’re planning to develop a self-storage or boat and RV storage facility, hiring Sensei Katherine and her team at Self-Storage Ninjas could be the best decision you make. Not only will they help you create a successful business plan, but they’ll also provide you with invaluable insights and advice that will ensure your business plan is profitable for years to come. Contact Sensei Katherine today and get your self-storage or boat and RV business off the ground.