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Welcome to the RPG Cast, your #1 source for all things RPG! We’re excited to be celebrating #JRPGJuly, a month-long celebration of all things JRPGs. Whether you’re an experienced JRPG fan or a newbie looking to get into the genre, this is the perfect time to dive in and get playing.

We’ve got plenty of content to keep you occupied during #JRPGJuly, from our editorial pieces on why we love the genre, to our interviews with veteran developers, to our latest news and reviews. We’ve even got some JRPG-themed streaming events lined up for the month. So if you’ve been looking for new ways to engage with the genre, here’s your chance!

But wait, it’s not all about JRPGs this month! With July rolling around, that also means new bugs and fish to catch in Animal Crossing as well. So make sure to set aside a little time to go fishing and bug catching in your favorite virtual getaway.

And speaking of virtual getaways, we have an exciting question of the week for you: what video game would you want to see turned into an anime? It’s a great chance to flex your creative muscles and get your inner otaku going. Let us know what you come up with in the comments below!

Last but not least, how is your #JRPGJuly pick coming along? Let us know in the comments too, and don’t forget to stay safe during the holiday weekend. Until next time, happy gaming!