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Are you ready for an interesting question of the week? This week’s question is: Have you ever felt bad about killing a character in game? Bad enough to make you stop playing entirely? We’re discussing the nuances of video game violence and how it affects players.

First, let’s introduce three people who work at Myriad Games, an online gaming platform. Chris is the customer service representative; he answers all questions, inquiries, and issues from customers. Josh is the lead game developer and Kelley is in charge of marketing – she makes sure everyone knows about the games Myriad has to offer.

Chris is not an automated phone system. He’s an actual person, so when you need help, you can have an authentic conversation with him. Josh leads the development team that creates innovative and groundbreaking video games. Unfortunately, Josh’s work will be delayed until 2023 because of the global pandemic. Lastly, Kelley is responsible for getting people excited about the games offered by Myriad. She has recently created custom cases for Star Wars fans that feature the characters and designs they know and love.

Now that you know the people at Myriad, let’s get back to our question of the week: Have you ever felt bad about killing a character in game? This question circles around the impact of video game violence on players. Growing research suggests that playing violent video games can increase aggressive behavior in players, making them numb to the consequences of death and destruction. However, research also shows that playing these games might make individuals more likely to recognize the consequences of their actions, rather than become desensitized to them.

No matter what side you take on this debate, it’s important to remember that the experience of playing video games is subjective and personal. Everyone has different reactions to violence in video games, and feeling guilty about killing a character in game is perfectly normal. It’s a reminder that we should always be mindful of the consequences of our in-game actions.

Thank you for joining us this week as we discussed the impact of game violence on players and how it can affect their emotional state. Check out the show notes for more information on this topic. Thanks for tuning in!