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Kendall Roy’s new watch on the latest and final season of Succession is hardly a quiet luxury. The watch in question is a Jubilee ‘Pepsi’ Rolex, a highly sought-after timepiece that has become a recent favorite among watch aficionados. The Pepsi Jubilee Rolex is known for its striking aesthetics, with its vibrant blue and red bezel. It also commands a hefty price tag, with some models selling for close to $10,000.

For those who have been fans of the show, the watch has a special significance. As viewers, we have seen the character of Kendall Roy go from being a young, brash heir to a more mature individual, one who understands the power and meaning of luxury goods. His choice of watch reflects his newfound sophistication and maturity. Furthermore, it is an subtle nod to the fact that Roy is no longer someone who bows to the family’s demands, but instead someone who stands up for himself and follows his own path.

For watch enthusiasts, the Jubilee Pepsi Rolex is also a favorite because it stands out from other luxury watches. It is more than just a show of wealth and status; it is a statement piece that speaks to the wearer’s style and personality. It is a piece that will draw envious gazes and start conversations about where it was acquired and what it signifies.

Moreover, Milton, the patriarch of the Roy family, also has an affinity for watches. He remarks that the Pepsi Rolex is one of his favorite watches currently in existence. But his all-time favorite movie watch is one that has been featured in multiple films. This unnamed watch is special, not only because it is a beloved piece of cinema history, but also because it is owned by Milton and is prominently worn throughout the show. This is the perfect culmination of a successful man’s style, elegance, and taste.

Overall, the watch that Kendall Roy wears in the show is much more than just a luxury item. It is a symbol of maturity, sophistication, and success, as well as a reminder to live life to its fullest. It is a watch that will stay in the minds of viewers, both those who love the show and those who admire elegant timepieces.