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In 1983, Queen Elizabeth II made a trip to the United States. As part of her visit, she was set to have a stop in San Francisco. However, a memo released by the FBI recently revealed that the Secret Service had discovered potential threats to the queen’s safety during this part of her visit.

The reported threat was that there were plans to hijack the yacht carrying the queen and Prince Philip as they entered the Golden Gate Bridge. The documents from 1983 suggested that the Secret Service responded by closing the bridge’s walkways in an effort to protect the queen. Thankfully, the queen completed her visit “without incident” and no further investigation or action was warranted at the time.

The documents also indicated that the Secret Service took other necessary steps to ensure the queen’s safety during her visit, such as placing agents in the cities she visited and setting up additional security measures at her hotels and other locations. The FBI also looked into any possible threats that might have been posed by domestic extremist groups but found no credible evidence to indicate that any such groups had plans to take action against the queen.

It is clear that the Secret Service went to great lengths to protect the queen during her time in the United States and, thankfully, their efforts were successful. This incident serves as a reminder of how seriously the US takes the protection of its visitors and dignitaries, and how important it is to take all threats seriously.

Queen Elizabeth II passed away last September after a 70-year reign and served as an exemplary figurehead for the United Kingdom. On this day, we can be thankful for the efforts made by the FBI and all other government agencies to ensure the safe passage of the beloved queen during her U.S. visit back in 1983.