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The 2021 Indianapolis 500 was a thrilling race that had racing fans across the country glued to their television screens. However, while many of those fans were in the midst of celebrating the remarkable finish and the one-two punch at the checkered flag between Ryan Hunter-Reay and Scott Dixon, they were equally frustrated with NBC Peacock’s handling of the live streaming feed for the race.

For a race that has long been known as “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing,” viewers were subjected to an abundance of commercials throughout the race, as well as blackouts during key moments. As a result, many racing fans took to Twitter to voice their dissatisfaction and frustration with NBC Peacock’s handling of the streaming service.

While the issue of commercials and blackouts may have been the main talking point for racing fans on social media, many also complained about lagging issues that NBC Peacock’s streaming service experienced during the race. It is estimated that the service experienced up to 10 lags throughout the race, making it difficult for viewers to follow the action closely. This problem was compounded by the fact that NBC Peacock’s streaming service is only available to those within the United States and Canada. Those located outside of these two countries were unable to access the streaming service, further frustrating viewers.

All of this adds up to a major disappointment for racing fans, and it is clear that NBC Peacock needs to address the complaints in order to ensure that future races are provided with a more enjoyable viewing experience. The streaming service should make use of better technologies to reduce lag times, as well as rethink the implementation of ad breaks and blackouts in order to provide fans with uninterrupted coverage of the race. At the same time, NBC Peacock should look into ways to expand its reach so that viewers located outside of the United States and Canada can access the streaming service.

By taking steps to address these issues, NBC Peacock will be able to ensure that the Indianapolis 500 remains “the greatest spectacle in racing” for years to come. That way, viewers can enjoy all the exciting moments that the race has to offer, without having to worry about issues such as lag time or excessive ads interrupting their viewing experience.