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The G7 summit is one of the most important events in the international arena, convening the leaders of seven of the world’s largest and most influential countries. Over the weekend, the summit took place in London and focused on a range of pressing global issues, including the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

Jake Sullivan, US National Security Advisor, appeared on Jake Tapper’s show and said he is “going to continue to push for even more spending” to support Ukraine in their struggle against Russia. He noted that the two countries were reporting different versions of the same facts, which has been typical of the ongoing conflict. President Zelensky of Ukraine made a personal appearance at the G7 summit but there were no discussions concerning potential peace negotiations between the two countries.

This ongoing conflict has had devastating consequences for civilians in Ukraine, many of whom are just trying to live their lives. The forces in conflict are largely determined by outside powers – world leaders, powerful business people, and political elites who are engaging in this protracted civil war, putting the Ukrainian people in danger and forcing them into the middle of a conflict they had nothing to do with.

Unfortunately, the situation in Ukraine is becoming increasingly complex, and no single action or agreement can adequately address the issue at hand. What is needed is a long-term diplomatic solution that allows for greater economic and political stability in the region, encompassing more than just a few involved parties.

The G7 summit is just a small part of the larger problem faced by the people of Ukraine and their efforts for peace. In order for any kind of lasting peace to occur in the region, it is essential for representatives from both sides to come together and find common ground, something that has yet to happen in the face of such a complex and multifaceted conflict. As Jake Sullivan said, the US will continue to push for more spending, and increased levels of assistance, in order to provide some relief to those affected by the ongoing crisis. Hopefully, through increased diplomatic efforts, dialogue, and cooperation, a lasting truce can be achieved and the Ukrainian people can have the chance to live and thrive in peace.