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Pride is a powerful concept that celebrates the diversity of human sexuality, gender identity, and expression. Unfortunately, the idea of Pride continues to be attacked by conservative voices who often push for its cancellation. But despite this, Mike Sington, an LGBTQ+ activist, insists that Pride cannot be cancelled.

Pride celebration and marches have been around since the mid-1970s, when LGBTQ+ people began to organize protests against social and legal discrimination they were facing. Since then, Pride events have become increasingly popular, with millions of people attending each year across the world.

Despite this, there are still opponents of Pride who actively promote its cancellation, claiming it is a “sinful” activity. However, according to Sington, Pride cannot be canceled, because it has become a fundamental part of the LGBTQ+ community’s culture. Sington says, “You can pull all the merchandise you want, you can boycott all the products you want, you can put in effect all the policies and laws you want, but you CANNOT cancel pride.”

Sington believes that Pride is not just about being proud of one’s sexuality or gender identity; it is also about being proud of the progress the LGBTQ+ community has made in the face of adversity. Even when faced with political and religious opposition, members of the community continue to march, celebrate, and proudly proclaim their identities. This act of defiance and resilience is what makes Pride special and irreplaceable.

Moreover, Sington calls out the hypocrisy of conservatives who claim to want to cancel Pride, saying: “If you need Pride to be proud of the fact you’re gay maybe you’re not all that proud of it in the first place.” In other words, wanting to cancel Pride implies a lack of understanding and acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community—which really defeats the purpose of canceling Pride to begin with.

Ultimately, no matter how much conservatives push for its cancellation, Pride cannot and will not be canceled. It is a central part of LGBTQ+ identity and culture that will always exist in some form, no matter the opposition. As Mike Sington puts it, “You can’t cancel Pride.”