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The career of BJ Penn, a former UFC champion and MMA Hall of Famer, has earned him due respect from his contemporaries and the audiences alike. One of them, UFC commentator and long-time fan Joe Rogan, has gone on record several times to pay tribute to the accomplishments of Penn and why he holds the Hawaiian legend in such high esteem.

On a recent edition of his popular podcast alongside Bas Rutten, Rogan was asked about the legacy of Penn, to which he responded with genuine admiration. “BJ Penn was a special guy, man,” Rogan said. “Joe Stevenson, BJ Penn was a motherfcker. I put that BJ Penn against any 155-pounder that’s ever lived… He knocked out a lot of fcking people, and his jiu-jitsu was off the charts, off the charts!”

Rogan’s comments highlight the immense respect he has for Penn, who captured the UFC welterweight and lightweight titles in his illustrious career. As one of the most decorated champions in UFC history, Penn had longevity at the highest level and an impressive resume that includes wins over legends like Matt Hughes, Sean Sherk, Jens Pulver, and Kenny Florian.

What really impressed Rogan, though, was Penn’s ability to shift between styles and weight classes seamlessly. He was a dynamic fighter who could outstrike his opponents as well as lock them in submissions with ease. He also proved himself in a variety of weight divisions, winning a world lightweight title and finishing runner-up for the welterweight championship as well.

At the end of the day, the opinion of Joe Rogan is just one in a sea of opinions when it comes to BJ Penn. Many fans and pundits have their own ideas of Penn’s legacy and we can certainly appreciate the appreciation that Rogan has for the Hawaiian legend. Whether or not you agree with Rogan’s assessment is ultimately up to you, but it’s hard to ignore the impressive list of accomplishments that Penn has achieved in his career. He was a groundbreaking pioneer for modern MMA and deserves all the recognition he has been receiving.