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The MMA world was left in shock when light-heavyweight contender Johnny Walker and Anthony Smith had an unexpected mid-fight exchange at UFC Fight Night 155. In response to Smith’s comments, Walker released a video on Instagram shaking his head saying “Until now I don’t understand…a week has passed and I haven’t attacked anyone’s family.” This is sure to leave many fans wondering what exactly happened between the two fighters? And most importantly, what does this mean for Johnny Walker’s future in the UFC?

To gain a better understanding of what took place between the two fighters, it is important to note that Walker and Smith first faced off during the fight. During the exchange, Smith accused Walker of being disrespectful by not giving him his due respect as a fighter and making fun of him. Walker then responded to Smith’s accusations with his own response, which has been characterized as disrespectful by many fans. Walker followed up his response with a head shake as if to say he did not understand why Smith was so upset.

This unexpected mid-fight exchange between the two fighters has left many fans speculating as to the true meaning behind Smith’s comments. Some have speculated that Smith may have felt disrespected by Walker and that this could be part of the reason for the altercation. Others believe that Smith may have taken offense to Walker’s celebration after his victory, which could have further fueled the tension between the two.

Regardless of the true cause behind the altercation, one thing is for certain; the UFC light-heavyweight division is now more interesting than ever. With Smith looking for revenge and Walker’s name continuously rising in the rankings, fans are eager to see who will come out on top in their rematch.

As for who Walker should fight next, many MMA experts are predicting a rematch with either Jon Jones or Daniel Cormier. These two former champions have previous experience facing off against each other and a match with either of them could prove to be an exciting one for fans. However, with both fighters coming off recent losses, it is unlikely that we will see a match between the two anytime soon.

All in all, this mid-fight exchange between Walker and Smith has certainly added an interesting twist to the light-heavyweight division. It will be interesting to see how the situation plays out from here and who Johnny Walker faces off against next. With any luck, the rematch between Walker and Smith will provide an exciting spectacle that will leave fans wanting more.