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Blue Girl Nice Day is the new record from La Faute, a dark and dreamy collection of songs that explore themes of longing, betrayal, mourning, desire, and how things appear at face value compared to what lies beneath. La Faute, which stands for ‘the mistake’ or ‘the fault’ in French, is the solo project of Peggy Messing, an multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and visual artist originally from Winnipeg, Canada and now based in Toronto. Her latest album Blue Girl Nice Day reveals her stunning gifts, with tracks that are at once haunting and beautifully graceful.

The eight-track album is a compelling journey of self-expression and reflection, where each song takes the listener on its own individual emotional adventure. ‘Highway’, the opening track, is a gentle introduction to La Faute’s delicate soundscape. It’s a velvet-smooth tune that conjures up the imagery of a snow-covered winter highway, and hints at something darker and more mysterious yet to come. ‘Garden Shed’ follows, an intimate number exploring the themes of heartache with quiet potency.

Elsewhere the album highlights some of La Faute’s classical influences, as showcased on the graceful piano piece ‘La Surprise’, an exploration of stillness and contemplation as well as on the challenging yet serene closer ‘Violet Hill’. Further standouts include the devastating ‘Heavy Shadow Song’, the bluesy ‘Trouble and Strife’, and the sepia-tinged nostalgia of ‘Haphazard Morning’.

Blue Girl Nice Day is an exploratory journey that shimmers with striking detail, and reveals an artist of rare insight. La Faute weaves a world of supernatural beauty, and redefines the concept of minimalism, showing how with few chords and sparse arrangements, deeply personal stories can still be told. Featuring exquisitely crafted music, this is a record that will draw you in and make you stay awhile.

You can follow La Faute on their social media channels and stream their music on Spotify to take a deeper dive into Blue Girl Nice Day and her alluring sonic landscapes.