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On March 2nd, Louisiana State University women’s basketball player Destiny Smith made an unforgettable appearance at the White House alongside President Joe Biden. During the ceremony honoring the National College Athletic Association women’s basketball championship team, Smith suddenly passed out. In an instant, the room filled with chaos as medical personnel rushed to the dais.

President Biden was quickly moved off to the side so medical personnel could tend to Smith. In the midst of the chaos, the White House medical staff were able to quickly assess the situation and escorted Smith out of the room. After a brief pause, Biden resumed the ceremony and reassured all those in attendance that Smith was not seriously injured.

Since then, Destiny Smith has released a statement on the incident. “I am doing fine,” she said. “I got overwhelmed and my blood sugar dropped quickly. The amazing doctors and staff at the White House tended to me quickly and I am thankful for their efficiency. This was an incredible experience and I am excited to continue being an advocate for women’s basketball and young women everywhere.”

Though this incident was certainly chaotic, it serves as an important reminder to individuals with diabetes to take precautions when attending events where they may become overwhelmed or exhausted. Blood sugar levels can drop quickly when under stress, so it’s important to stay mindful of one’s own health and well-being.

People with diabetes should always keep a consistent routine when it comes to their diet and exercise and carry glucose tablets or a sugar snack with them at all times. If a person with diabetes finds themselves feeling overwhelmed, they should take a moment to stop, sit down, hydrate, test their blood sugar, and eat their snack before continuing.

The NCAA Women’s Basketball team, and especially Destiny Smith, should be commended for dealing with such a unique and unexpected situation in a mature and professional manner. Though Destiny’s visit to the White House may be remembered for this incident, she handled the situation with grace and bravery, making sure that her health was always the top priority. Hopefully, this story will raise awareness about the importance of staying mindful of our health and taking preventive measures to stay safe.