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The Detroit Pistons have had a big shake up in their coaching staff with the addition of Monty Williams. It marks the first time that the team has gone for a historically significant contract with a coach of this caliber, which has far-reaching implications for the franchise moving forward.

Monty has an impressive history with the Phoenix Suns, leading them to the playoffs in each of his five seasons at the helm. His innovative style of coaching has seen his teams reach the finals twice, although unfortunately they couldn’t bring home the trophy. With Monty at the helm, the Suns have become a legitimate contender in the Western conference, and it’s no wonder that the Pistons have brought him to Motor City.

The other notable move for the Pistons was their decision to pass on the opportunity to draft Victor Wembanyama this year. This can be seen as evidence of a shift in focus away from short-term success and towards long-term gains. The fact that they opted for the second pick overall again, while others moved up the board to get their guy, shows a commitment to building a franchise from the ground up.

Despite missing out on Victor Wembanyama, the Pistons still have plenty of young talent on their roster. Sekou Doumbouya, who was the 13th pick overall last summer, had an impressive rookie campaign and looks like he will be an important part of the team’s future. Meanwhile, Killian Hayes, the number one pick overall in 2021, was limited to just 12 games due to a shin injury. However, when he did feature, he showed flashes of why he was a top draft prospect, and he will certainly be someone to keep an eye on in the future.

Overall, the Pistons are looking to the future with their decisions this off-season. Monty Williams’ addition as head coach shows a commitment to developing young talent and putting the building blocks in place for a bright future. While it remains to be seen how the team fares under his leadership, his presence sets a new standard for the franchise, and by the looks of things, the Pistons are here for the long haul.