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On Tuesday morning, Moscow was jolted by a rare drone attack, leaving some buildings with minor damage and causing the evacuation of others. Russia is currently engaged in relentless bombardment of Kyiv, Ukraine, entering its third day of such assaults on the city.

The attack on Moscow in the early hours of Tuesday is believed to have come from drones, which Russia has recently claimed to have shot down at airfields in the Saratov and Ryazan regions in western Russia just last month. However, the extent of damage caused by the attack on Tuesday remains unclear as Russian authorities remain largely tight-lipped about the incident, with few details emerging from Russian ministries or state media.

One particular building in Moscow that has been targeted is a multi-storey apartment building, with photos circulating around social media of the damaged facade. While it is not clear whether the attack was initiated by Russian or Ukrainian forces, the increased violence between the two countries could indicate the use of drones by one or both sides.

The attack on Moscow follows weeks of unceasing bombardment by Russia on Kyiv, with the third assault in just 24 hours occurring on Tuesday. This attack has led to speculation that Moscow and its allies are attempting to target civilians in Ukraine, with numerous reports of civilian deaths due to the Russian bombardments on the city.

These attacks have led to a marked escalation of tensions between the two nations, with both parties blaming the other for the violence. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has labelled the latest assaults as “a unilateral invasion of Ukraine” and has called on the international community to take steps to end the conflict.

As the situation in Kyiv continues to deteriorate, the drone attack on Moscow shows that the conflict is rapidly becoming more unpredictable and dangerous, and calls into question the security of the capital.

Though little is known about the attack, it nevertheless serves as a reminder of the volatility of the current situation in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine, and underscores the need for increased diplomatic action to resolve the conflict.